don’t do drugs

This morning after my wonderful neighbor came by to get K to take her to school with her sons I did exactly what my doctor told me to do.  I took my cough syrup and went to bed.

But I took my laptop with me.  And I worked.  I read things.  I responded to things.  I brainstormed and snickered and coughed.  A lot.

After a few hours I decided that working was not what my doctor had in mind when he told me to go to bed so I shut down the laptop, set the iPhone aside and and put face to pillow.

With my eyes closed I drifted off within moments.

My dreams were filled with surrealism about very real things in my life.  I dreamed about my friend’s sauce company, super heroes, costume changes a giant locket that wanted me to sleep in it, not being able to find any food at all during 30 Hour Day and forgetting my own name.

When I woke up with both my face and pillow covered in drool I was confused and more than just a bit disoriented.

And also, I was coughing.

I picked up my phone and tried to check the twitters but the internet was not working on my phone.  WHAT?!!  So I switched on my laptop.  Internet was down there too, but the internet signal looked good.  I tried calling Mike but he didn’t answer.

And that is how, for 5 minutes today, I became extremely worried that the world had pretty much ended while I slept and I had survived only because of the coma like state my cough syrup put me in.  Eventually I thought to turn the TV on and saw that all the normal stupid talk shows were still on and then Mike called me back and confirmed that, in fact, the world had not gone to ashes around us.

And that is why you shouldn’t do drugs.

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