oh those bronchial things…

After weeks of coughing and refusing to admit how sick I was, I went to the doctor today.

*cough cough*

When I arrived I was asked to put on a mask.  Mike documented this for twitter and posterity.


So I sat with my mask on.  I was having a hard time breathing before it went over my mouth and nose, but once the mask was on… haha.  Forget about it.

But luckily the doctor saw me very quickly.  He was nice.  And thorough.

He looked in my ears and asked me how badly they hurt.  I shrugged.  He looked down my throat and checked my gums and asked me how much my throat hurt.  I shrugged.  He looked in my nose and sighed.  Then he did the strangest thing… he began poking my face.  First my cheekbones and then my forehead, asking me if it hurt.  I shrugged.

I’m super communicative right?

He listened to my lungs.  A lot!  For like, forever.

He was very confused as to why I wasn’t curled up in the fetal position in pain.  Aside from the raging case of bronchitis I also have ear infections (yes.. both ears) and a sinus infection and he didn’t like the look of my throat.

He wrote me a bunch of prescriptions and told me to take them and  go to bed for a few days and stay there.

And that is why you should always listen to Kathryn when she tells you to stop being a baby and go to the doctor, because if I’d gone when she told me to instead of being way too busy and running myself down I would only have had a little bit of bronchitis and probably not all the other infections.  My face probably wouldn’t have been poked quite so much.

But I didn’t because I had to work work work and run run run and what have you.  So now I’m going to bed because I’m going to listen to the doctor because I’m sure that’s what Kathryn would tell me to do.

Plus I’m super duper stoned on the cough syrup he gave me.


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