my belt…

In 1977 in a 7th grade shop class a boy made a leather belt.  It was a popular color of light golden brown.  On it he pressed stars and music notes and a simple sentence…  a sentence that could have kept him from getting laid ever.  Ever.


And then I don’t think he ever wore it.  He was smart enough to learn to play an instrument which most chicks find much hotter than a guy who makes a belt proclaiming the greatness of Sci-Fi.  Most chicks.

But at the moment he was making that belt, working his hardest in shop class there was one chick who would feel differently.  Someday.  I mean when she was done figuring out what this whole world was about.  You know… what her thumbs were and what those crazy people were always babbling about when they bent over her bassinet cooing at her like idiots.

The point is people, that chick would be me someday.  And that leather belt making guy?  That was Mike.

And this?

Photo 307

This is my favorite belt made the year I was born by the man that I love.  It’s still in pristine condition because I don’t think anyone has ever worn it but me.  I’d like to think as he made it he imagined the day  he’d have a hot younger wife with a love of Sci-Fi.  To be fair though, he was probably thinking about Star Wars or purple haired girls in silver go go boots on the moon.

Whatever.  It’s mine now.

12 thoughts on “my belt…

  1. Chris O'Rourke says:

    This is hands down the most beautiful post you’ve ever written. Both you and Mike often say or do some pretty inspiring and awesome things (proving that you’re both truly kickass folks) but over all this post is poignant, heartfelt and really fucking brilliant. So short, succinct and nearly magical in the combination of romance, nostalgia. Truly heart touching. Thank you for sharing the love you guys feel for each other with the rest of us a little bit. It really recharged my hope batteries a bit :D

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