things you don’t need to know (that I’m going tell you anyway)

I just finished singing a power ballad about my iced tea and soy sausage.

Yes…  I eat soy sausage.  No I’m not leaving bacon or pork sausage behind, I just happen to like this particular brand of soy sausage too.

The tea I was singing about (and to) is almost gone.  I need to buy more but I’m lazy so that may not happen soon.

I need to take my vitamins and blood pressure medication, and even though that is part of what occurs while I eat the soy sausage and drink the tea I didn’t include it in my power ballad because really… who sings a power ballad about vitamins and blood pressure medication?  Not me.

I’ve been taking sheets of paper from K’s Hello Kitty notebook to write notes on.  I don’t think she would appreciate that but I can’t find another notebook anywhere.

I really want to take a nap right now but I know I shouldn’t so instead I’m going to watch hulu and fold laundry.  That way I’m both productive and restful.  Brilliant, right?

Since we have approximately a metric ton of Halloween costumes in this house I’ve decided that I will wear a costume I already own this year.  So will Mike.  This does not apply to K since she is a child and I think it may be in the constitution that she gets a new Halloween costume every year.

I thought that deciding to wear one of the costumes I already own would make it easier to decide on a costume… it has not.  What should I be?  A vampire? A flapper?  Batgirl?  A pirate wench?  Bride of Frankenstein?  A clown?  An angel?  An evil fairy?  Little Red Riding Hood?  A witch? Uninspired?

It’s important that I work this out.  I will have to wear a costume on at least 3 separate occasions.  One of those occasions I feel the need to be super sexy and wear high heels…  I have some thinking to do.

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