digging the hole…

I’m up to my neck here people.  To. My. Neck.

I’m getting all this stuff done that needs to get done plus reading books and staying relatively sane but I had this nagging feeling that I was forgetting something.  Something little.  Something big.  I don’t know something.

It may be that I’ve been so caught up in getting ready to take K to camp this weekend.  It may be that I was boggling that an organization would hold a camp in the middleish of October.  It could possibly be that my anniversary and my favorite holiday are almost on top of us.  Maybe it’s the crisp fall air and the abundance of delicious apples currently available.

It’s probably that I wake up when it’s already dark outside though.  That gets to me.  Messes with my mind.

Anyway I’m blaming that for the fact that not only have I not updated this here interweb blog monstrosity, but also for the fact that I forgot about any such updating.  At all.

It’s not that the blog isn’t important to me.  It’s a big part of my life every so often when I take the time to sit down and post something…  sometimes.  It’s just that my brain is really absorbed in other things.  Bigger things.  More important things like:

-Talking and walking at the same time
-What temperature should I set my flat iron to?
-What is the best kind of mess kit to take to camp with me?
-Do these boots go with this purse?
-I like to make beef strogonoff
-Why is my good water bottle such a piece of crap
-Oh, I have a podcast to record
-Even if my iPhone doesn’t get reception at camp, I’m still taking it.  I need my tunes!
-How are we almost out of toilet paper???!!
-It’s been months since I’ve had sushi
-My toe nails are the perfect color of blood red
-Why oh why won’t they release True Blood Season 2 in iTunes for me?
-What do I pack for the “sack lunch” dinner & isn’t there a better way to say that?
-How on earth am I going to sleep with pants on?

As you can see my mind is swamped with deep and important thinking…

4 thoughts on “digging the hole…

  1. Kathleen McDade says:

    You actually call it a flat iron?

    All you need for a mess kit is non-breakable dishes that you won’t miss if they get lost.

    Your boots are always awesome.

    I have been known to call it a sack dinner, and it usually consists of a sandwich and whatever.

    It’s going to be cold. You won’t mind the pants. Bring extra blankets, and warm socks and hats to wear while sleeping.

    See you on Saturday!

  2. camikaos says:

    Melissa: Yes. I’m going to Girl Scout Camp with my Girl Scout and all the other scouts in our darling little troop. It’s going to be awesome. Except for my fear of the cold weather. I like camping in general. I’m just trepidatious because of the cold and K’s extreme aversion to bugs and all things naturey.

    Kathleen: You’re GOING!!!! I knew you said you were reconsidering. I’m so glad you’ll be there Saturday! FUN FUN FUN. And Oddly I have no problem sleeping in a hat.

  3. NanaKaos says:

    I hope you have a good time, leave the world behind and enjoy. Bad stuff can always wait for a bit, believe me, it will still be here when you get back. Don’t mind me, my mood is rather blackish today.
    Make note of the time dear one. I’m hoping to sleep now, this will be my third try tonight. Mom

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