really helpful advice…

As I was standing in the bathroom flat ironing my hair (like I do) the loud punk music blaring in my ears was so rudely interrupted by the ringing of my iPhone…

I answered it (mostly so that I could get the music back once I was done with the conversation) and it was none other than my lovely husband.

As we worked out details of our evening I asked him a small question about something I was thinking of wearing…  he paused lost in another conversation and then in answer to me said…  “Just look hot, okay?”

That man of mine… he’s good with the advice and opinions.  You’ll never hear me ask him if my ass looks fat.

3 thoughts on “really helpful advice…

  1. Bridget says:

    If I ever ask my sweetie if my ass looks fat in these pants, he answers, “Honey, it’s not the pants.”

    And whenever I’m late because I’ve spent too much time getting ready (like when I made his 7 month pregnant friend wait outside saburo’s for 45 minutes because I couldn’t figure out what to wear), he says, “You look worth the wait.”

    He always thinks I’m beautiful, which means I always am. Love that.

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