out ruded

I don’t like people.  A person I can like on a case by case basis but people in general I often find hard to deal with.  One of the things (on a very long list of things)  I really don’t like is when people talk about you or things concerning you when you’re right there.  I consider it the height of rude though sadly I know I’ve been guilty of it in the past.  See… even I am people.

I’m by no means an expert on rudeness but I do believe, unfortunately,  I can hold my own.  I managed to do so yesterday while at the fabric store and right now I’m feeling kind of guilty about it.

We were at the local fabric shop buying fabric for 3 separate projects: a tablecloth, some wall covering and of course, super hero capes (every girl has to have one).

As we stood at the cutting counter there were two older ladies behind us.  As I handed the woman at the counter my bolts of cloth one of the women peered at my fabric purchases and said “That’s such a beautiful fabric”.  She said it quietly so I smiled to myself thinking “Yes it’s gorgeous but it’s going to be a right pain in the ass to sew”.  It was a smooth shiny slippery pink fabric of little girl dreams.  K chose it for her cape of course.

A moment later the older woman’s companion whispered “It’s pretty but it’s really hard to work with”.

Even though I had just thought that, I was irritated that she’s passed judgment on my fabric purchase.  How rude.  How dare she.  Just, just, just ahhhhhhhhhh!

She hadn’t been speaking to me, and she had said it in a hushed tone and I’ve always told K not to whisper about people and and and…  And I was really hot and tired and frustrated so I turned and said politely “Yes it’s hard to work with, but sometimes it’s worth it to make something special.”

She turned beet red and shut right up while looking down at her shoes.  At the moment I felt incredibly satisfied.  Today however, I feel kind of like a jerk.  Yay for me, I embarrassed and out ruded a total stranger that caused no harm.

I must have really been in a mood yesterday.

7 thoughts on “out ruded

  1. mielikki says:

    ah, sometimes, though, we just can’t help ourselves. Maybe, just maybe, that lady has spent a lot of time whispering about other people, and you are finally the one who pointed it out to her, and maybe, she realizes now that she has been rude in doing so.
    Or maybe she hates people, too…

  2. Hotmamamia says:

    Wow, interesting Cami! I never would have thought those comments to be rude…just basic observations….beautiful fabric and hard to work with…..it’s the people that make explicit and direct comments about me or what I am doing that pisses me off….and actually, I don’t think that you need to feel the least bit guilty about what you said because unless you were really snotty in your tone of voice, your comment back was very matter of fact as well. Maybe it was just a PMSsy kind of day :)

  3. angel says:

    I have caught myself making remarks like that simply because I am irritated with other people’s lack of consideration, or their absolutely unnecessary nosiness. I blush beet-red when I do it though… which is what puts me off doing it too often.

  4. Hotmamamia says:

    I had to come back tonight because I have to comment on what I believe is without a doubt one of the MOST RUDE things anyone can do and it is happening all of the time! Tonite my hubby and I were out for a nice dinner and at least three tables around us had people sitting and talking on their cell phones. One was even on speaker phone. Now THAT, is rude…I don’t want to be privvy to their disgusting personal conversations…it takes EVERYTHING in me not to walk over to them and tell them to shut the f**k up or go outside and talk because they are disturbing my dinner. GAWD…if I was a restaurant owner I’d be losing business like crazy because I simply would not permit that kind of pollution in my establishment. Anyhow, that is what I think is rude…:-P

  5. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    The barely audible commenting gets on my nerves, too – probably because my mom is an expert at it and I relate it to her passive-aggressiveness. So I might have done just what you did. If that makes you feel any better…

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