for the love of my laptop


07/08 The day I got my Mac

I was thinking moments ago as I picked up my laptop in one hand and wandered into the next room with it, about the time before the laptop.  Not so much historically before the laptop but more personally.  I recall having only one computer in the house as a teenager.  We didn’t have a computer at all when I was a kid, unless you count our Atari or that “computer” that my brother played Robin Hood on until he spilled Grape Soda on it.

I remember when I got my first laptop, it wasn’t too long ago.  I’d laid my hands on laptops hundreds of times, but until I was married, with a kid and had moved into this house I did not have one of my own.  Mike had one that I used while I was pregnant.  It was enormous and weighed like 20 pounds.  The fan was loud and always on and it would get hot to the touch within 20 minutes of use… but since I spent the better part of those 8 months in bed, even that laptop was a luxury.

When I picked up my laptop this morning though, as I was writing something and referencing 3 other things, my mind went back to writing reports and having to move my work location long ago… before the laptop.  Even if I had to move 10 feet away it was a huge struggle to pack up books and notebooks, pens and whatever else I was using.  If I was using a computer it wasn’t a pain in the ass it was just impossible.

Sometimes I’m a little sad that we never caught up to the Jetsons, that we don’t have transporters or holodecks, but then I think about just how recently the light bulb was invented in the grand scheme of things and I clutch my laptop and iPhone to my breast and sing them sweet praises…

I mean it… I really love my laptop.

10 thoughts on “for the love of my laptop

  1. Giddy says:

    Funny, I was just having some very similar thoughts about this yesterday. Then again this morning sitting at the airport reading blogs on my iTouch. Amazing how far things have come.

  2. angel says:

    I am so hoping to feel that soon… I work and play on a laptop that belongs to the company I work for, and I am heading towards getting my own one soon!

  3. NanaKaos says:

    I remember our first computer,it was called, “The Adam”, it was a cassette drive and a the monitor was the television, that was in Bakersfield, do you remember it? It had a Daisey wheel printer, the paper was all connected, and perforated, it wasn’t much, I even had to program somethings, it argued with me.

    We stepped up for the next one, in Vacaville, don’t remember the name of it ,Acer I believe. Droid Whisperer, Doug and Blond Jeff “fixed that one for us.

    We finally got our laptops after we had been “here” for awhile. Della may have her problems,there are many, but she is mine and I usually love her.

  4. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh I so so love my laptop. I love it’s lovely white shinyness, it’s portable gorgeousness, and that it is mine, mine, mine. And I love my new google phone. It’s not quite an iphone but oh my Bob I love it. xx

  5. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    I really wish we had those food preparation things The Jetsons had, but you’re right – a laptop is an awfully amazing advancement. I mean, I’m communicating with you from a hotel room 300 miles away! (Thank goodness we don’t have the hologram thing yet) :D

  6. Erk @ the Erk Pod says:

    I’m the same way. My first computer was an Amiga 500. My first gaming system was a ColecoVision because we couldn’t afford an Atari. But I love my 2 laptops and my Nokia N95. I do have to say that I’m loving the 95 a little less than before the trip.

    And I agree – I’ve love to be able to teleport. Imagine if I had a weekend off – I’d be able to ping into the Kaos kitchen for instance and say hi and hang out and ping back at the end of the weekend rather than spending half the weekend in the air……

  7. Hotmamamia says:

    Before I die, I want to fly into space (for real) and be able to say ‘beam me up Scotty’ and have it happen…I am a huge fan of technology and fantasy that becomes reality…I do believe before I kick the bucket that I will see cars that drive by themselves (they’ve already been invented…just have to become everyday items) and hovercraft…I mean we already have the helicopters and jets that do that…just a bit of time til our cars can too…I get really pissed off at my laptops (I have two) becasue there is something I do or in my body that makes the cursor skip to different parts of the screen whenever it wants to…and that is on every single laptop I have ever used….creeps me out! Maybe it wouldn’t happen on a Mac….I’ll have to try….techology rocks!

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