ready? set? GO GO GO!

You’d think with a title like that I would be off and running to get right to the point.  You’d think so, and that would make a lot of sense but really, when have you ever known me to do something that entirely sensical here?  Yep… that’s right.  Kind of not my style.

But the point of that title, the meaning behind it?  Totally holds true.  Things are busy here.  Crazy.  And whether I’m ready or not it really seem to be time to go go go.  Life is a funny delicate thing and I make sure I have time to stop and enjoy things.  This last 6 months has been all about priorities.  Finding them, understanding them, sticking to them.

My first priority shouldn’t be hard to guess for anyone who actually knows me.  No matter what else I do in my life the most important thing is that I can ensure I have a happy healthy loving relationship with that beautiful girl that Mike and I brought into this world more than 7 years ago.  She’s always been an amazing little person and she continues to grow and learn and take my breath away at every turn.  As she gets older and becomes more and more her own person she has events, groups and classes that are terribly important to her.  She has her own set of priorities that she’s set.  Ballet, music, Girl Scouts and art are high among them.  And since she is so important to me, those things are important to me too.

Oh and Mike…  I think it’s fair to say he’s a priority too.

After them there’s always been my family & writing (or however I’m expressing myself at the time) and then friends…  But lately there’s been this whole other thing going on with me and right now it’s really been wracking up the hours.

The podcast that Mike and I do together has gone from a fun silly little thing to do together to… almost a way of life.  There seem to be big things on the horizon… things I can’t put into words for you here.

A couple of weeks ago we spent several days at the WebVisions conference interviewing some amazing folks.  By the time it was through we were completely exhausted and all we could think about was a well deserved rest.  I don’t think we really ever got one.  But steam builds back up and in a couple of weeks we’re going to do the same thing all over again at the Open Source Bridge conference.  It’s fun, it’s fulfilling and it’s something that I’ve found I really enjoy doing.

That’s meant finding a different way to prioritize K though.  Since she was born I’ve been there all day every day.  We’ve never wondered who would care for her because as a stay at home mom that’s my job.  But spending all several days at conferences twice in less than 6 weeks?  We had to find an answer.  It wasn’t very hard to reach a good decision really.  There was very little discussion on the matter.  If I couldn’t be there to take care of her, who better than the woman that raised me.

Sadly my mom and dad are still trying ot sell their house in the midwest…

Through the miracle of modern travel and the understanding of my very giving father, we decided that all those miles didn’t matter at all.  We bought my mom a plane ticket, promised my father a wonderful bribe (we’ll be sending it to him next week) and forged ahead with our plans, with our life.

There is a ton of change on the horizon for me… but before I can get to any of it I have to get through the next two weeks which seem to bring an endless number of events, obligations and projects that need to be completed.

Since they’re all things I made a priority you’d think I’d be reveling in them*… but instead I’m just checking to make sure everyone is still breathing and that we’ve got enough energy left to make it through the next few turns.

Ready?  I have no idea.

Set? Maybe…  can you give me a min…..

GO GO GO!  Well okay then.  I guess I better go do that.

* Though I am completely and totally pleased with myself because I finally got my garden boxes built.  I finished the 2nd one THIS MORNING!!  I should have amazing tomatoes this year… maybe I’ll find time to eat them?

5 thoughts on “ready? set? GO GO GO!

  1. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Good for you guys! It must feel especially meaningful to have your mom available to K while you’re pursuing your other joy.

    Now I’m compelled to get my plans in order for the freedom I face in 2 weeks…

  2. bubblewench says:

    Your mom is a freakin saint! So’s your dad. Can’t wait to hear whats up w/SLL! So exciting!! I loved watching the live feed when you guys did the interviews last time.

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