CamiKaos goes to the movies…

I don’t get to go to the movies nearly as often as I’d like.  It’s a form of escapism I love to indulge in but time is not necessarily on my side with this activity.

But Star Trek… there was a new Star Trek movie and I needed to see it.  And even though it was seemingly impossible for me to see it until next Sunday, a way presented itself.  And Mike took me to the movies.

Tee hee hee.  Allow me a moment.  I’m such a girl but I still get all giggly when my husband and I go out on a date.  We ate popcorn and shared a soda (a strict no no and big treat for me) and as we waited for the movie to start in our one screen locally owned and operated theater we listened to Nat King Cole and snuggled.

Yes.  We did.  So you see even before the movie got started it was a good time.  As a matter of fact the movie could have sucked and we would have still been happy there.  Happily heckling a bad movie, but still happy.

As it happens though the movie did not suck.  It was pretty fricken awesome in fact.  There were a couple of scenes that disappointed a bit but the movie as a whole was strong and entertaining.  I laughed and cried.  Those aren’t just words.  I really laughed and cried.  I actually cried before I laughed now that I think of it.

The time passed quickly with us holding hands and enjoying not just the movie but our unexpected time alone (and the popcorn and soda yum yum) and then with a bang the movie was over and it was time to go.

We put on our sunglasses and began to stroll down the street hand in hand.  We stopped at the corner and waited for the walk sign to light up and lead us across the street.  We checked to make sure that the cars were all obeying the traffic laws and then we stepped into the street.

Then a bitch in a huge white SUV turned onto the street without looking and tried to mow my husband down without looking.

I don’t call her a bitch lightly.  I would just say she was distracted and not paying attention but then the dumb bitch FLIPPED MIKE OFF for almost getting hit by her car.

Oh the joy of going to the movies.

3 thoughts on “CamiKaos goes to the movies…

  1. angel says:

    I LOVED that movie!! I also cried and laughrf, and I yelled at the screen and I saluted Spock and EVERYthing! I love date night too…

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