it’s not the swine flu… really

Friday was an exciting day for me.  With K at school I had plenty of time to prep and get ready to do Strange Love Live from BarCampPortland‘s Friday night kickoff.  For me it was just like prep for another episode, except no one would be coming to my house.  Instead of getting things tidied up and ready around here I had to load equipment up in the car.

Get out of my house stuff.  Out out.

K went to spend the night at a good friend’s house and we were ready to roll.

But what was that?  What’s that little tickle in my throat?  Ever since I woke up my throat was just a little scritchy scratchy.  At one point Mike told me not to talk for a while because I was sounding hoarse.  I felt fine but the itch in my throat spelled impending doom.

Bar Camp Portland’s kickoff night was awsome.  Everyone seemed to be in high spirits, collaborating, rushing madly at the board to schedule sessions, singing Karaoke, hunting down werewolves, even a few sessions started.  But then it was time for the show and I had an amazing time with the 4 guests we had scheduled and then with the Bar Camp Participants that came on.  Half way through though that itch, that tickle… it started to feel like sandpaper.  By the end I felt like my throat had a sand blaster rubbing up against it.  Just after the show was done my voice gave out completely.


I’d really been hoping to attend some of the sessions the next day.  I was excited to weigh in on a few issues and even more looking forward to learning a thing or two, but Saturday morning when I woke up I barely made it out of bed when it was time to get K from her friend’s house.  Her friend’s house?  Only 4 blocks from ours.  By the time we got home I was ready to curl up for the day.  An hour later I realized that K’s throat was itchy scratchy and she was dragging.  I was supposed to take her to a birthday party but surprisingly she DIDN’T WANT TO GO.

Oh hell.

We decided then that she and I would have a movie day.  Curl up, drink lots of liquid, rest up and keep the kitties company.  We sent Mike off to Bar Camp and snoozed on and off as we watched an assortment of family friendly action adventures and animated delights.

Even resting proved to be too much for me though as a fever popped up and I started to feel worse just as K rallied and started practicing an intriguing blend of Kung Fu and Ballet at the foot of my bed.  Luckily the cavalry arrived in the form of Mike baring Thai food before he dashed back to the unconference.  From there it was all spicy green curry, Shrek movies and sleep.

I have to stop writing now… I thought I was feeling better but Mike says I’m still too sick. I just took my temperature and I still have a stupid fever.  Stupid being sick!  But it’s not the Swine Flu..  Really it isn’t.

But you shouldn’t come over today… just in case.

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