Mama, What does F-U-C…

Sunday is traditionally family day here in the Kaos household.  No matter how many tasks we accomplish during the week Saturday always sees some overlap of work, tasks, chores, you know stuff that has to get done.

On Sunday we try our hardest to forget all that or find a fun way to work on things together.  This coming  Sunday, for example, we have no choice but to get something done.  We have to build the garden boxes and get the garden planted.  But it’s a fun project that we can work on together as long as Mike and I keep safety first and no one loses a finger (or a leg or anything) with the saw.

Last Sunday though was an example of us leaving it all behind to run out and enjoy the day.  Our friend was in town for one last day so we took him to the zoo, then OMSI.  It was a long day full of fun and when we were through there was just enough time to stop off at a great BBQ place for dinner before getting K home and getting her bathed and in bed.

As we sat all together in a window booth overlooking SE Division K stared out at the sidewalk.  After a few minutes of puzzling she pointed some illegible graffiti out to me and asked me what it said.  I gazed at it for a moment and then told her it was unintelligible, probably some signature or something.  She looked at other things and then her gaze fell upon something else.

“What’s that spell?” she asked me.

I leaned over and looked but couldn’t see what she was asking about, so like any good parent I shrugged and went back to the conversation I was having.

“Mama, what does F – U – C – K spell?”

I stopped and turned to her… I smiled and told her it spelled something that, if she said it at school, would get her sent to the principle’s office.  This caught Mike’s attention and he asked what she spelled.  I just smiled at him and he said “Oh… that… ummmm…”

I looked out the window once again.  I had to lean all the way over her to see a pay phone yards away.  On the side of the pay phone’s shell was written that hallowed obscenity. The word that rhymes with truck, stuck, muck, buck, suck, puck, luck, buck, duck, cluck, yuck, struck, tuck and pluck. The “F” word.

My daughter spelled the “F” bomb.

Mike asked if I should switch places with her.  I told him it wasn’t necessary.  She and I had a chat about the proper and age appropriate use of language and then she condemned the big ol meanies that feel the need to paint all over things that don’t even belong to them!!!!

Dinner arrived and we enjoyed our meal and then headed home.  As we walked past the pay phone on our way to the car, Mike finally saw where the word had been scrawled.  He shook his head in irritation as I said “At least she’s go good eye sight”.

10 thoughts on “Mama, What does F-U-C…

  1. Erk says:

    There is NO way that I would have been able to make out the word from that distance, either. It wasn’t as if it was written in 6 foot high letters or anything. It was normal to large print size.

    Out of all the words, it had to be that one………

  2. Ceci says:

    Wow… Well it was BOUND to happen sometime, no?

    You handled that pretty well though… and talking to her about it instead of saying that “It’s an ugly word” etc. I think was giving her a lot of credit, and shows that you trust her enough to understand that there is a time and place (and age!) for such language.

    Huzzah for you! Also, at least you won’t have to worry about glasses, etc. any time soon :D

  3. Steph says:

    niiiiice. these are things i have to know these days. i mean, not for a while, but i should have some plan for it. ;) that and the “how are babies made” talk.

  4. mielikki says:

    she was bound to come across it at some point. At least you were there to handle it, and it wasn’t some other kid at school who decided to try and teach her some new things…

  5. Melissa Lion says:

    Okay, this is going into the for later brain file.

    Sometimes Archie says “Jeeezuz Mac-a-Leeezus” when he’s exasperated. I have no idea what this means or where he heard the Macaleezus part, but whatever. It’s pretty funny.

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  7. Sybil Law says:

    That happened to us, too! My kid was out riding her bike (during the windstorm/ power outage), and some punk ass kid (I am assuming) wrote FUCK on the sidewalk with chalk. She went up to read it, spelled it out, and immediately knew it was a bad word!
    Stupid effing, punk ass kids!

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