technological clusterf*%k

Here at the house of Kaos we’re having family time.  We’ve just come off of K’s 7th birthday which I feel was a wonderful success since she did indeed turn 7 and no one died.  Now we’re faced with a full week of Spring break.  Mike will still be working but I won’t be alone in my spring break family fest because my mom and dad are in town and staying with us.

That means that there will be outings and activities and things to do.  There may be shopping as well and eating of very very good food… and then there is the geeking.  Oh yes the geeking is out in full force.  This morning sees only 5 computers, and iPod touch and an iPhone on the table.  Yes I said only.  Yesterday Mike was fixing two computers, my mom and dad were both using their computers and setting up new iPods and I was working from my computer while playing with my iphone and fixing my mother in law’s computer.  K?  She was happily dancing around her bedroom listening to her new iPod and putting away puzzles and toys she’d received for her birthday.

it seems like the technology in this house may eat us… let’s hope our computer overlords will be the friendly kind.

6 thoughts on “technological clusterf*%k

  1. hotmamamia says:

    OMG, a house that is worse than ours! We have a computer in every room EXCEPT the bathroom and the wireless laptop goes in with me when necessary. However, there is only 1 PDA in the house, 2 regular style cell phones used ONLY for work, and if you can believe this, NO iPods…zero, zip, none. God, I feel vindicated…thanks Cami!

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