One of the last things my dentist told me before I left today was “It’s going to feel like you have food stuck between your teeth for a couple of weeks.”

All I could really think upon hearing that was that I had a good reason, a very good reason, for willingly having dental work done that would cause me weeks of irritation.  It’s a great reason actually.  Would you like to hear it?

I’m vain.

I have straight teeth and have never had braces or any kind of orthodontia.  My teeth grew in straight with relatively good spacing… except my front teeth.  I’ve always had a little gap.  Add to that the fact that one of my front teeth was broken when I was a kid.  I’ve always been very self conscious about my smile.  Last year I started to really get my teeth in better shape after neglecting my dental care for far too long.

Dentists make me nervous.  It seems only natural really… who likes someone coming at them with sharp implements of potential pain while they lay there vulnerable? Not me.  If someone has to be wielding sharp pokey and/or scraping tools in my general vicinity I like to be the one doing it.  Also, I do not like needles.  Also I do not like wild boars but that’s a different story.

Back to the point, I went in to see my dentist willingly today.  I was not guilted or coerced.  I was not forced or manipulated.  I went in nervous as all hell but smiling and excited because after almost a year of all too frequent visits to my dentist I was going in to have something done that would make my smile look nicer.  The drilling and crowning were done.  The poking and scraping and cleaning are in the past (and in the future… regular dental cleanings are an important part of a healthy mouth).


Today it was all about me and my vanity.  My dentist (fine, okay… he’s not just mine I have to share him with a great many people) filled in the gap between my front teeth today.  I feel odd.  I feel strange.  I feel wacky.  I also feel somehow incapable of proper speech.

Oh and for the record I can no longer spout water between my front teeth like a fountain or effectively suck air through them.  I am also assuming I can’t place a straw against the front of my teeth and drink through the space.  Very strange.  Also, it really completely feels like there’s a piece of food stuck between my teeth, but there totally isn’t… I checked.

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