snow globe

This morning I did the same thing I do every morning, I picked up my iPhone and turned it on, read my email, looked at twitter and checked the weather.

Then my iPhone, my knowledge bringer… it told me a blatant lie.

“It’s going to snow”

Okay fine, that shouldn’t be in quotes.  My iPhone doesn’t normally talk, but the picture on the weather app showed snow.  I laughed to myself.

Snow… the day after my birthday.  In all my 32 years that’s never happened anywhere I’ve lived.  Ridiculous.  I peeked out the window none the less.  Ha.  Nothing.  No snow.  My iPhone lied to me.  I was a little disappointed it’s reluctance to be honest with me but this is life so what the hell.  I went about my morning making coffee getting K ready for school.  We hurried along so that we could make it out the door in time (we’re all far too tired because of the daylight savings time change bull).  I never gave that snow another thought until I opened the front door to walk out it and saw the big fluffy flakes drifting down.

Snow.  On March 9th. In Portland.

Can we please start calling it Global Climate Change?  The phrase Global Warming isn’t really doing much for me.

7 thoughts on “snow globe

  1. bubblewench says:

    I just can’t get over all the snow you guys had this year! And in March now too! Here, I remember huge snowstorms before Thanksgiving, and we haven’t had jack all year. One little piddly day of 6″.

  2. furiousBall says:

    it snowed on my birthday a couple years ago… on st. patty’s day! we only had one good snowfall this year (well sorta two)… do you hang out with the shins and modest mouse all the time there?

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