that’s what I get for thinking…

Last night before I climbed into bed with my laptop and a stack of papers I needed to read and or type up I took NyQuil.  I have a cold and I am trying to kick that cold before Friday night gets here so I don’t sound/look/seem like I have a cold on the show.  It was a good plan.  At 9:48 I was exhausted and ready for sleep so I decided to let go, and for the first time in many moons, I did not write a post before I went to sleep.

I decided the world would keep on going round, besides, I haven’t had my wits about me while blogging for some time.  I thought I would get up in the morning, get K off to school and then come home feeling so much better and have time to write a real post for a change.

When 6:30 rolled around I felt awful.  I spent 15 minutes trying to get K out of bed for school only to wind up with a sobbing red faced child moping around.  When she was finally done with her loud misery and despair she sat down to eat her cereal and bananas and promptly coughed up a lung and then cried as yellow slime oozed from her nose.

Clearly she felt about as well as me.  I hugged her and sent her into her room to lay down.  She’s still in there now, 3 hours later, reading magazines in bed and humming “Skip to My Lou”.  The humming is nothing extraordinary but the fact that she’s been resting for 3 hours says volumes about my kid.  Also, her willingness to skip ballet class this afternoon told me she really was sick enough to keep home.

So there is no time for me to sit and genuflect and come up with some life altering post.  Likely, there’s also not a lot of time for me to curl up and nap the day away which, aside from posting a blog and some light grocery shopping, is what I had intended to do with today.

Looks like I’ll spend the day wiping noses, making soup and day dreaming about a time when I was allowed to drink Cherry Coke…

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