the smell of music

It was a perfect situation…  I got Mike tickets to see Al DiMeola for his birthday.  He’s a hard guy to shop for but when I know one of his favorite musicians is playing just a mile or 2 from our house it’s really not hard to know what to do.  He’d been waiting patiently for the show ever since he saw “AL DIMEOLA” on the Aladdin’s Marquee.

I’d been waiting too, I love his music and I love seeing shows at the Aladdin… partly it’s the proximity to our house, partly because there doesn’t seem to be a bad seat to be had, except last night that is…

We got there just after the doors opened and hurried inside with the long line of people already gathered there.  Mike got in the beer line and I headed upstairs to grab a seat in the balcony (I love balconies because there are less people and I can see EVERYTHING that’s going on).  I grabbed two satisfactory seats on an aisle and waited quietly for Mike, entertaining myself with Twitter.

When he joined me 20 minutes later (it was a long ass beer line) we settled back in, we snuggled, we giggled and we waited excitedly.  When the music started I thought all was well and right with the world… and with the world of music it was pretty darn right.  The show was great, the performers amazing and even charming from time to time…. but some of our fellow audience members?

Not so much.

The 3 most notable offenders where the girl who knocked me in the head, not once but twice… the first time with her big heavy purse (which I can forgive because she probably didn’t notice) and the second time with her ASS.  Who knocks you on the head with their ass and doesn’t say excuse me???  Then there was the beer spilling guy.  He didn’t spill beer on me, he spilled it right down Mike’s back… and last but not least?  Unidentified farting person.

Someone had such horrible gas that all we could smell for the second half of the show was ass gas.

The sound of music last night, was lovely.  The smell on the other hand left something to be desired.

4 thoughts on “the smell of music

  1. mielikki says:

    oh geez that is just so wrong. I can’t believe someone had the audacity to spill beer on Mr. Kaos. I think we should send a hit man after him with a super soaker filled with skunk juice.
    And as far as farting man? (Or woman, as the case may be), I am sure they had intestinal issues, and they should have excused themselves from the show, instead of gassing the whole balcony.

  2. hollydolly says:

    only a woman-in-the-profession knocks you on the head with their ass without excusing themselves. all others are beotches.

    what was my manager doing at this event? and yet, i notice he was back in time to fart two feet from my chair today. i was sitting in it at the time.

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