growing up

Some of my earliest memories are of my mother sewing.  She seemed to be able to make anything with her old white Singer.  It had a special table in every house we lived in and at it she could make a new dress, fix a pair of pants, attire my baby dolls in style or whip up a prize worthy Halloween costume.

She even made my swimsuits when I was little.  She could make me anything.

I watched her like a hawk as she sat at that table, bent over the machine her foot pressing the pedal.  I always laughed as she held pins between her teeth.  I wasn’t allowed to do that, I knew I would be in so much trouble, but I could never imagine a punishment worse than accidentally poking one through my own lip or tongue…  Maybe  dwelling on that explains why I got my tongue pierced at 19?

As I got older mom went back to work and sewing happened less and less often.  In high school I took a Home Ec. class and in it I had a few sewing projects, then that was it.  But now I have a shiny new sewing machine (okay I got it a year ago but just started using it in the last few weeks).  I’ve been using it to make this that and the other thing.  Little projects, fun denim purses and now a gift for a friend’s soon to be born baby.

And what I see, is that same twinkle in K’s eye as she sees my sewing projects as I had when my mother sewed… but I don’t put pins in my mouth…

5 thoughts on “growing up

  1. Momcat says:

    My mom also sewed for us kids until we refused to wear any homemade stuff. She also sewed for my kids until they also refused but what a godsend the little tracksuits and t-shirts were. I don’t sew unfortunately but I hope that my daughter will take it up one day. It is a very useful hobby to have and in fact my mom at the age of 67 still derives an income by selling the craft items she makes to the ladies at her church and their friends.

  2. Sybil Law says:

    My mom used to do some sewing now and then, and she gave me all the scraps. I made many felt purses and wallets and capes for my dolls with those scraps. Good times, good times.

  3. hollydolly says:

    my mom made some really cute outfits for me when i was little, and then she had this season where she made a gazillion bazillion (okay 20) stuffed animals.

    and she must have sewed herself out because she never sewed again.

    and it was then on to the next thing.

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