notes from a weekend

It’s Sunday night as I write this and I am painfully aware of the fact that Monday is nipping at me.  My alarm clock will go off at 6:25 in the morning and I’ll have to roll on out of bed.  Before that happens though, I thought I would take a peek back at my weekend and since you’re reading this it looks like you’ll be joining me.

  • There are times I regret that my every Friday night from last year until the end of all time is already scheduled for me, but then I record the podcast and I realize how much fun I have every week!
  • My daughter looks like a a vampire.  file0049
  • Christmas is way more relaxed when you wait until January 25th to celebrate it.
  • I was still glad that Christmas was over
  • I make a mean Bloody Mary
  • Most of the people I know use their pointer finger on track pads and iPhones.
  • I use my middle finger. file0057
  • Having a sprained middle finger, SUCKS.
  • If it snows, even just a little I will always hope for a snow day.
  • People love girl scout cookies.
  • The hand lotion I buy really is worth the $20+ a bottle I pay for it.
  • Rings that fit on the middle finger of my right hand also fit on the index finger of my left hand. file0056
  • waterproof medical tape makes your fingers sweat.
  • European style butter is awesome.
  • Cats and kids do not accept a sprained finger as an excuse for anything and husbands will still expect you to make them coffee despite your great finger pain
  • I can still sew with 2 fingers taped together
  • I can work Mike’s little camera with 1 hand, as long as that hand doesn’t have 2 fingers taped together.file0059
  • The results of that camera use will not be very flattering because makeup application is considerably more difficult than working the camera.

6 thoughts on “notes from a weekend

  1. Sybil Law says:

    But you still look beautiful!
    I, too, have a vampire child.
    I, too, use my middle finger. Hey – it’s the good- for – everything finger!
    I, too, have the alarm set for 6:25.
    Um… that is all.
    P.S. Please send a Bloody Mary ASAP.

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