sweet dreams or you’re grounded…

Bedtime.  We have a love hate relationship with it in my house.

I love sleep.  I love to go to sleep.  I love that I wake up each day since it means that I’m alive and all, but the whole waking process makes me really really cranky.


With me the love part is the sleeping and the hate part is the dragging my ass out of bed early in the morning.   With Mike the hate part is… well yes.  The hate part is going to bed (he has better things to do than sleep) and the dragging his ass out of bed early in the morning.

Mike and I and our bedtime insanity are not the reason for this post though.  I know I know, this is camikaos.com and the world revolves around me and all but really it’s not about me.

This is about the fact that it’s been taking forever for K to fall asleep at night.  Never mind that she wakes up at the crack of before dawn to get ready for school.  Never mind that she has a long eventful day everyday and by the time she gets home from school she’s exhausted.  By the time bedtime rolls around she looks ready to snuggle right up to dreamland.

But the moment her little head hits the pillow her eyes pop open big as can be and she’s wide awake.  Wide. Awake.  And then it takes her for.ever. to get to sleep.

And by forever I totally mean forever… or about 2 hours.  Monday night it was closer to 3 hours though and 3 hours is totally forever for some things.  To a May Fly 3 hours is a big old chunk of it’s life.

Okay, so this really is about me because until she goes to sleep I can’t do any of the fun stuff I like to do after she goes to sleep.  Like making tons of noise doing chores, going to sleep or getting laid.

The child wakefulness is driving me CrAzY!

Sigh, parenting…

4 thoughts on “sweet dreams or you’re grounded…

  1. Lauren A says:

    Perhaps some Calms Forte tabs will help. They are homeopathic, so no worries. I use them when my 3 year old cannot calm down enough to sleep. She’s out within 15 min.

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