monday can kiss my ass…

I know I wasn’t the only one suffering from a savage case of the Mondays because @mettadore and @kmcdade seemed to be having a problem with it too.

Yesterday was just so very Mondaytastic.  I haven’t had a day so very ingrained in the tradition of monday suckage in such a long time.  Truth is, normally monday isn’t such a bad day for me.  I get up early and that’s not my favorite thing, but once I get K to school and Mike out the door to work I am afforded the opportunity to have some me time, something that I never get on the weekends.

That was not the case with this particular Monday.  The art program I’m helping with at K’s school hit an absolute shit storm and I panicked and was a little less than pleasant.  I think everything worked out well by the end of the day but the really craptastic side effect was that I got nothing done at home that I wanted to.  I spent the entire morning and early afternoon on the phone with various art program related people.

In the midst of all that crazy crap, my darling friend came for a visit.  She pumped me up and let me vent.  We shouted obscenities together and called people names and then we giggled and ate chicken salad sandwiches and fresh pineapple.

That part of the day wasn’t too bad… I rather enjoyed spending time with my friend (who as we speak is incubating an adorable little baby in her tummy that I am sure fawn over as soon as she comes out).

I guess what I’m saying is that one Monday is quite enough for me… can we skip the rest of the Mondays until next year?

7 thoughts on “monday can kiss my ass…

  1. Velma says:

    Yeah, I’m with you. I finally had my physical exam that I’ve been rescheduling since September, and had my usual “Oh, crap!” moment when I remembered that part of the physical is the rectal exam. How come I always blank that part out until the nurse hands me a gown?

    I’m just glad it’s Tuesday now.

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