what’s that, it’s 2009?

I’m feeling kind of surreal guys.  I know we just went through the whole HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! thing, but really… it’s 2009?

What happened to the year 2000?  Do you remember when we were kids and we looked forward to the year 2000 as some far future time with flying cars when dinosaurs would be cloned from DNA contained inside the glass jar with Edgar Allen Poe’s head? 

What, did we have different childhoods?

Now I have to get used to writing 2009 on the one check I write every month… it’s going to take 9 months for me to accomplish that task without having to void the whole thing and start over again.

My point is, if you can follow me on this, is that the future is here.  Now.  We’re in the 2000s.  We’re are the future and it’s not at all like that horrible Whitney Houston song that was so popular when I was in school or the flying car dino thing.  It’s just life.

Happy 2009 to all of you, savor it… and keep your eyes open for Edgar Allen Poe for me, won’t you?

4 thoughts on “what’s that, it’s 2009?

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    It takes me blumming ages to get my head round the next year. But yep, I remember watching programmes when I was a kid about how there’d be robots who did everything for us, and we’d all be wearing weird metallic clothing. NIce.

    And which Whitney song was it?? I just remember the one about the children being our future or something. Whitney gives me hives. Shiver.

  2. John Metta says:

    You know what I like thinking about? I like talking about way back in like 1902 and thinking about “people at the turn of the century” as if it’s some ancient time. Then thinking about how people decades from now will think of US as “people at the turn of the century.”

    Crazy. Although I’m with you on the flying cars issue. It doesn’t seem like the advances were made in overall coolness so much as they were in overall commercial viability.

    Sometimes it seems that decades from now about as far as we’ll have gone is “Wow, people really only had 30G ipods! But you can only fit, like, 3 holographic commercials on that!” (;

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