why stay at home moms should never ever drink during the day… ever

I dropped K off at school even though there were big dark looming clouds. I figured I was going to have her home with me for two whole weeks and I should sneak in some sanity now while I had the chance and get her off to school.  Plus?  I totally needed to get some stuff done.

So while K was safely tucked away at school I slipped off to get some stuff done.  First I stopped to get Mike’s godson a present, then I went to the post office to mail cards and pictures to my grandparents.  As I stood in line at the post office it started to sprinkle snow a bit but by the time I was out of line and finished mailing my big ol envelopes the snow stopped.  I arrived home and helped Mike get out the door, a crucial part of any day when he doesn’t leave for work before K leaves for school.

Just as he was going down the driveway snow started piling down on top of us.  First lots of tiny little flakes then lots of big flakes fluttering down like little winter fairies.

I’m sad to say I had a moment of panic.  What if we get 6 inches of snow?  What if K has to come home in this weather?  What if what if what if?  Then I realized that we live less than half a mile from her school and I could just bring her snow boots and an extra sweater when I went to pick her up if things got really supercalifragilistic snowtastic during the day.  With that I breathed a huge sigh of relief and started on the house work.

I did the happy house wife workie thing and had a little snack, and that’s when it happened…. my phone rang.

OH NO!!!  Not the ringing phone!!  Not now.

I looked at the caller ID.  It was just Reid.

I answered knowing Reid’s kid was home from the certainly closed private school and that I would have to tell him, so sadly, that K was not available to play with T (her very very very best friend EVER in the whole wide history of the universe).

“Hi, K’s at school” I said haphazardly.

That’s when he said the words I couldn’t say no to…”Come drink hot buttered rum”.

Since I’d already gotten a lot done I decided that it wasn’t a half bad idea.  It was noonish after all.  I made myself a light lunch, cleaned a few more things up and then pulled on my snow boots and bolted out the door to see Reid and his lovely wife Ingrid.  I walked in the door and was greeted by the shining faces of two incredibly sober children and two adults who were in great need of a drinking buddy.

I’m always one to be there for my friends so I obliged.  I took it slow though, and enjoyed a couple of hot buttered rums before it was time to go and get K from school.

And how was I rewarded for my friendly mid day rum camaraderie with my friends?

K’s teacher asked if we could take Bubba the class hamster home with us.

For all of winter break.

I couldn’t say no to that either and now there is a hamster, his current cage, his food, his cage lining shredded stuff, a ball to run around in, a spaceship to hide in and his new cage that someone has to put together, in my house.

Merry Christmas Bubba the hamster, CamiKaos is gonna put together your new cage, feed you, clean out your cage and give you fresh water…  and maybe while I’m at it I’ll think about keeping my cats from eating you and your fuzzy little ass.

6 thoughts on “why stay at home moms should never ever drink during the day… ever

  1. Lilacspecs says:

    Can’t say I’ve ever had the hot buttered rum. And they don’t do that here although they do do Glühwein, which is spiced heated wine and that is the shizz, lemme tell you.
    In fact, I may head on into town for some in a few hours.
    Thanks for the inspiration to drink mid-day!

  2. mielikki says:

    decorate the little hamster ball with stuff that will trail after it, put the hamster in, and let it run for dear life while Spike and Ripper get some good exercise chasing the thing. Could be entertaining…
    Good luck hamster

  3. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Are you saying the hot buttered rum(s) directly affected your ability to say “Hell no” to the hamster fostering? :D

    Definitely keep an eye on the cats; ours acts all innocent but has been known to hook a claw at the cage and pull it to the floor…

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