what is this “bed time” of which you speak?

Something is amiss.  Maybe it’s something in the air, like snow.  It certainly isn’t anything on the ground like snow because as I write this we have a serious lack of snow on the ground.

On Monday K had a snow day.  On Tuesday K had school.  Wednesday K had a SNOW DAY.  Yes I know the second snow day is in all caps, it was MUCH more exciting for K for some reason.

She didn’t really wake up late, about half an hour after she normally would.  She bounced and jumped and skipped and played her way through the day.  She read and thought and bounced some more.  She had dinner at her normal time, but for some reason when bedtime came I was met by a brick wall.

Immovable object.

She’s stubborn (I wonder where she gets it).

She didn’t want to use the bathroom, wash her hands, brush her teeth, put on her pajamas or get in bed.  She did want bed time stories.  Lots and lots of bedtimes stories (which she totally didn’t get, I only read her one story because I’m a hard ass that way).

You see K doesn’t have any idea if she has to go to school tomorrow and that, apparently, makes it simply impossible to go to sleep.

Maybe I’m being dramatic.  It only took her like 45 minutes to fall asleep but still it was 45 minutes of talking and asking questions and thinking out loud and asking 27 zillion times if school is cancelled.

NO!!!!  NO IT’S NOT!!!

I wanted to yell, but instead I just mumbled something under my breath about slush and decided to get some work done on my computer.

Mumble mumble grumble.

7 thoughts on “what is this “bed time” of which you speak?

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee, I get that. SNow days were so exciting as a kid. I really don’t think my two will ever get one though as it doesn’t snow much here anymore. So I will not sympathise Ok? Well, maybe just a little.

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