did I mention I’m magic?

I have a lovely crazy wacky friend who’s life is every bit as busy as mine.  Only different.  In the last week, as though she didn’t have enough on her very full plate, she had a broken cell phone to deal with.

Wait, not A broken cell phone.  Two broken cell phones.  And she didn’t know about switching the sim card so she’d lost all of her phone numbers when her new old cell phone gave up the ghost.  Then she switched back to her old old decrepit dirty phone.  As we sat together watching our girls in ballet class she pulled out the old old phone and the newer old phone and asked me if I knew how to get a sim card out. I smiled and nodded, looked at both phones, opened the newer old flip phone and glanced at its demand for a sim card.  My friend looked surprised.  Apparently the phone hadn’t been working.  No turning on no nothing.

The simple touch of my hand willed it back to life (with a fully charged battery I might add).  Then I deftly popped the sim card out of her old old Nokia.  And by deftly, I mean it took me 20 minutes to pry that fucking thing open and then I got all squeamish and had to use handy wipes to clean my hands because it had dirt in it like an old phone would.  I put the chip back in the magically working newer old phone and like magic, Cami magic, everything was back to normal.

To be fair though, while I’m magic with phones and the like… I’m kind of death to glass things.  I guess we all have our quirks.

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