There’s an old refrigerator sitting in the driveway of a house on the way to K’s school.  You know the kind… beige with faux wood handles, freezer on top with the fridge on the  bottom?  There it sits… it’s been there for months, duct taped shut.  I’m sure it’s as effective as it gets in closing up a fridge, at least without the use of power tools or a chain and padlock.

What I can’t figure out, is why it’s been sitting there for so very long.  It isn’t plugged in so I know they aren’t trying to keep anything fresh.

I wonder if I’m the only one who wonders if the freezer is full of dead pets that they couldn’t bring themselves to bury, or even more sinister, are they hiding a body in the fridge.

No, if that was the case they’d keep it plugged in down in the basement, right?

3 thoughts on “morbid

  1. mielikki says:

    deep freezers are for dead things. We all know that.
    Odds are, there is rotting veggies in it, or an old can of spam.
    I think you should go open it, with a crack podcast crew, a la Hiraldo Rivera style…

  2. hollydolly says:

    no no, the moment you said refrigerator i said “that thing’s got a body in it, sure as the day is long.” (in fact i think i went in to say as much to my husband, who responded the same way he always does. with nothing.)

    of course, it’s winter now and the day is *not* long.

    still, i think my agreeing point stands.

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