Thankful Mad Libs with Mr. Fabulous

Back when I was a wee little baby blogger there was a blog that I lurked on.  I laughed and threw up into my mouth a little every week.  I grimaced and grinned at the sick sense of humor and then after a while I started commenting.  That site was Pointless Drivel, the home of today’s guest, Mr. Fabulous.

When I asked Fabby to write a guest post for me I knew there could be some content control issue, but since I am editor and chief of this here bloggy prison I picked my brain, came up with no contingency plan and then waited for my husband to make a helpful suggestion.  For a very odd specific reason I am unable to post this particular guest post without some editing.  But since I hate to put words into someone’s mouth I’ll let all of you do it.  So instead I bring you Thankful Mad Libs with Mr. Fab.  Fill it out and enjoy.  I’ll post my favorite adaptation on Friday.

1.    A title: _______________
2.    Adjective:  _______________
3.    Adjective:  _______________
4.    Addictive substance:  _______________
5.    A decade:  _______________
6.    Same addictive substance.
7.    Store name:  _______________
8.    Noun (plural):  _______________
9.   Adjective:  _______________
10.  Proper Noun plural (person or thing): _______________
11.  Same Proper Noun.
12.  Another Store Name:  _______________
13.  Noun (small item):  _______________
14.  Noun (small item):  _______________
15.  Noun (small item):  _______________
16.  Organization or club:  _______________
17.  Adjective:  _______________
18.  Adjective:  _______________
19.  TV Show:  _______________
20.  Field of Study:  _______________
21.  Adjective:  _______________
22.  Official Organization or Group:  _______________
23.  Plural noun:  _______________
24.   Adjective:  _______________
25.   Adjective:  _______________
26.  TV show genre:  _______________
27.  TV network: _______________
28:  Verb:  _______________
29.  Adjective:  _______________
30.  Part of a house:  _______________

Hey. Mr. Fab here, semi-retired blogging icon and –                 –. When the –                 – and –                 – Cami Kaos asked me to do a guest post this week, I could hardly refuse her.  After all, I owe Cami a lot.  She was instrumental in helping me get off–                 – back in the–                 – .

Sigh…I miss –                 – .

In any event, in the spirit of the season, I thought I might share with you what I am thankful for these days.

I am thankful that our backyard is completely fenced in.  Privacy is important.

I am thankful that the ground in our backyard is soft, enabling me to dig large holes on a regular basis with very little trouble.

I am thankful that we live so close to a –                 – ; and that large bags of –                 – can be purchased there at very prices.

I am thankful that there are so many –                 – the area, even if there are not as many  as there was before I moved here.

I am thankful for the nifty lockbox I purchased at –                 – .  Lockboxes are perfect for safeguarding little trophies like –                 ––                 –, and –                 –.

I am thankful that our local   –                 – is    –                 – and   –                 – .

I am thankful for shows like  –                 –that teach us so much about  –             –.

I am thankful that Lexington has an understaffed and –                 –, and that this city does not attract the best and brightest   –                 –.

I am thankful that my time off from blogging has allowed me to pursue a  –                 – and   –                 – hobby.

I am thankful for all the   –                 – shows on the    –                 –, without which I would never have been able to  my    room in the  –                 – .

Now what are you thankful for, other than the fact that you don’t live near me?

5 thoughts on “Thankful Mad Libs with Mr. Fabulous

  1. angel says:

    1. A title: miss
    2. Adjective: fabulousness
    3. Adjective: splendirific
    4. Addictive substance: caffeine
    5. A decade: 90’s
    6. Same addictive substance.
    7. Store name: Stuttafords
    8. Noun (plural): crystals
    9. Adjective: gargantuan
    10. Proper Noun plural (person or thing): Cornelius
    11. Same Proper Noun.
    12. Another Store Name: Pick ‘n Pay
    13. Noun (small item): nailbrush
    14. Noun (small item): lightbulb
    15. Noun (small item): instant noodles
    16. Organization or club: ADHASA
    17. Adjective: crispy
    18. Adjective: ursine
    19. TV Show: Primeval
    20. Field of Study: engineering
    21. Adjective: mechanical
    22. Official Organization or Group: SPCA
    23. Plural noun: strawberries
    24. Adjective: stellar
    25. Adjective: specular
    26. TV show genre: Sci-Fi
    27. TV network: BBC Knowledge
    28: Verb: browbeat
    29. Adjective: tactile
    30. Part of a house: scullery

  2. Bobbird3131 says:

    A title: used staple collector
    2. Adjective: sleek
    3. Adjective: sexy
    4. Addictive substance: Rice Krispies Treats
    5. A decade: 40’s
    6. Same addictive substance.
    7. Store name: Piggley Wiggley
    8. Noun (plural): snouts
    9. Adjective: hairy
    10. Proper Noun plural (person or thing): Queens
    11. Same Proper Noun.
    12. Another Store Name: Aubuchon Hardware
    13. Noun (small item): mice
    14. Noun (small item): buttons
    15. Noun (small item): crumbs
    16. Organization or club: Walter P. Q. Davis Skunk Club
    17. Adjective: solvent
    18. Adjective: shady
    19. TV Show: Dead Like Me
    20. Field of Study: animal husbandry
    21. Adjective: scurrilous
    22. Official Organization or Group: American Association of Swine Practitioners
    23. Plural noun: rutabagas
    24. Adjective: heartless
    25. Adjective: spineless
    26. TV show genre: soap opera
    27. TV network: Spike
    28: Verb: wobble
    29. Adjective: disgusting
    30. Part of a house: broom closet

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