in transit

I was going to post the mad libs response that entertained me most but since no one seemed much up to blog reading this week I think I’m just going to leave that in the ether and let you know that today, is a day in transit.

As I type this post I am curled up on the sofa in our hotel room.  K sits on my feet (even though more than half the couch is left empty she is still on my feet…  odd I know).  She’s watching cartoons while she breathes with some difficulty through and incredibly stuffed up nose and stares ahead with glazed eyes.  She could be staring at nothing the way she sits there with a blank face…

Mike is in the bedroom still wrapped up in sleep.  He’s oblivious, for the moment, of all the hustle and bustle we’re about to undertake as we pack up our things.  In the course of 3 days our stuff has spread comfortably throughout the hotel room.  I’ll have to wake him up soon and get him going.  We have big things to accomplish today before we head back to the little corner of the world we call home.  Once we check out we’ll head to the Wax Works and Ripley’s Believe It or Not.  Then the monumental task of choosing which restaurant to eat at before we pop back in the car for the several hour drive home.

Part of me hopes that K will take that chance to snooze.  With her cold she’s bound to be grumpy and that’s not fun to travel with… but a more practical part of me says:  Deal with the 3 hour of whining, keep her awake, entertain her.  Then when she gets home she’ll be exhausted from a day of travel and willing to snuggle into her bed early and go to sleep.

If I were a normal person, a wise person, I would then climb early into my own bed and let the big soft mattress and pillows embrace me as I slumber between my cool sheets under my warm heavy blankets.  Since I am neither normal, nor particularly wise today though, I’ll be doing an episode of Strange Love Live tonight.

With all the craziness of the day, I’ll try to hold on to the calm, the peace, the laziness I’ve found on this vacation.  That, and this image…

I do so love a day at the beach.

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