talk about it…

It seems like far more people are having sex than are talking about it.  I base this completely unfounded statement on the fact that there are babies being born everyday but I only know a few people who are willing and able to talk about sex and sexual acts without going red, white or green … Continue reading talk about it…

the bio

What is it about the bio section of anything, anything at all, that sends me reeling?  I can talk about myself until I'm blue in the face, and I do, here, everyday... But put the word "bio" on a page and then expect me to fill it out?  Ah hellz no! Normally I'll just skip … Continue reading the bio


We have a large wood table in our dining room. It seats 6 comfortably but we've gotten 10 people around it a time or two. It's home to family meals, friendly chats, art projects, pumpkin carving, other things... Right now I sit at one end of it, my beloved dining table. Mike sits at the … Continue reading communication

a family

Tonight after Mike got home from work I got to go out.  I got to leave the house. Those of you not held captive by a small child 24 hours a day might not get the significance of that so let me repeat it for you:  I got to go out with no kid on … Continue reading a family