the bio

What is it about the bio section of anything, anything at all, that sends me reeling?  I can talk about myself until I’m blue in the face, and I do, here, everyday…

But put the word “bio” on a page and then expect me to fill it out?  Ah hellz no!

Normally I’ll just skip the evil bio section, but I had to fill something out today that required a bio.

“Frick.  FRICK.  FR.ICK!” I said to myself, then my husband, my best friend and twitter.

Frick.  So I read all the other people’s bios.  Some of them were fine, some of them were good, some of them were kind of… lengthy.  No help.

I find when I’m trying to write a bio for myself I always come off as conceited or self deprecating.

So I went with basic.  Obvious.

I’m a woman, a mother, a wife, a writer, a blogger, a podcast host, a volunteer, a friend, a daughter, a sister, a tattooed girl, a lover of gadgets and I nearly always wear black…

I’m Cami Kaos

(and I’m a pratt)

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