I’m not crazy…

We’ve reached day two of the alarm system talking to me.  I’m not sure where to change the battery so it just keeps telling me it’s okay.  Reassuring me.  Every 30 seconds.

For eternity.

Or until about 30 minutes before Mike gets home from work when it stops talking and acts like nothing is wrong.

Additionally on the non crazy front, before she left for school this morning my daughter asked me to put her plastic frog into the bathtub she made for it.  She wanted her in the tub at 9 AM and removed at 10 AM… Frogs like a long bath.  She specified that I didn’t have to put real water in it… it was fine the way it was.

When I realized it was 9:05 I had a sudden surge of guilt that I was running late getting her frog in the “tub”.  I ran in, apologized to the plastic frog (which has not yet been named or I would call it by name instead of just saying “the plastic frog” over and over again).  I put the plastic frog in the bathtub and now I’m forced to keep a close eye on the time to make sure I don’t leave her in for too long.

Did I mention that this is the 3rd day in a row that I’ve been wearing an apron?  It is. I have some nice aprons… but they’re pretty standard.  White cotton with embellishment on the chest.  If I’m going to continue this apron wearing 50’s housewife thing I’m working on, I’m going to need something cute.

With ruffles.  Maybe a bow.  Or some pom poms.

Oh and it has to be all black…

Back to work… I know the alarm is okay (because it tells me so) but I think I better go check on all the electronic devices in the house that aren’t talking to me… just to make sure they’re alright.

By the time I’m done with that I’m pretty sure it will be time to take the plastic frog out of the tub.

2 hours won’t kill me…

There are times that I wake up so busy that if I don’t hit the ground running it seems as though nothing will get done.  Then, there are the times that I can’t possibly hope to get everything done no matter how hard I try.  No matter how fast I run.  No matter how much I multitask.

November is traditionally one of those times.

I know there is so much to do.  So much that needs to get done.  So much piled on my shoulders that no matter how fast I move something is going to fall.  This morning is one of those times.  I’ve chosen not to let my sanity, my center, my sense of peace be the thing that falls.

So even though I know there are so many things I could (and should) be doing right now, I’m taking a breath.  Eating some breakfast.  Drinking some tea.  Trying so hard to ignore the alarm system talking to me every 30 seconds to tell me it’s “Okay” and enjoying the warm weight on my lap from my black kitty cat that only seems content when I’m still.

Deep breath in…  a sip of tea.

Off and running now.

a quickie…

This post is going to be a quickie…

The only reason I’m taking the time to type this is because as I do type this K is desperately fighting sleep in the next room and while she does that I’m taking the time to do this.

This being the post writing thing.

And while she takes her sweet time going to sleep and I use that time to write this post (which is clearly about nothing what so ever) Mike is using this time (very wisely) to pay bills.

But when that’s all done… when K is asleep… when this post is finished… when that bill is paid?

We’re turning off the computers, finishing off the bottle of champagne we started with dinner and heading to bed.  Early.

bow chicka bow bow…

(and then I am soooooo gonna sleep.  a lot)

lucky number 7

Seven years ago today I said ‘I do’ to a man I can not live without.

Happy anniversary baby, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man or monster… I’d marry you all over again.

when friday comes early…

Today as you read this on your Friday… it’s not my Friday.

My Friday was yesterday (which is right now as I write this).

It’s so heavenly to have Friday come an entire day early.  Tomorrow when I’m supposed to wake up to get K ready for school, I’ll be sleeping.

And tomorrow when I’m supposed to be rushing her out the door to actually get to school?  If I’m really lucky, I’ll be sleeping.

But as a stay at home mom that’s really where the early Friday extra Saturday thing ends.  I’ll have to get up eventually.  I’ll probably feel so guilty that I’m “sleeping in” that I’ll get up 15 minutes after I normally would to help Mike get out the door.  Once I’m awake I’m sure K will be up and I’ll have to make her breakfast.  Since she doesn’t have to rush out the door she’ll want real food, not a bowl of cereal and yogurt so I’ll wind up making her an omelet, maybe some whole wheat toast and some sliced fruit.

Also, I promised we would carve a pumpkin or something tomorrow and we don’t have a pumpkin.  We’ll have to get one.

So there’s that.

Instead of doing housework in a kind of ambling way, I’ll rush to get things done while trying to entertain K and answering the same questions 16,000 different ways.

The question?  What’s the question?  I don’t know yet but whatever it is it will be about Halloween candy and when if how why where she can have some.

By the end of the day when I’m making dinner I will be exhausted and ready to sleep.  I’ll feed K dinner like I would any other night, get her ready for bed, tuck her in and read a story and then just when I am about to drift off to a blissful slumber side by side with my little long weekend having princess I will pop back up and get ready to record and episode of Strange Love Live…

Yeah, my Friday didn’t really come early after all.

hate is such a strong word…

Last night on our way to the story telling event we attended (which was wonderful by the way, thanks for asking… we had a blast) we stopped to meet up with friends at a little Thai bistro for a bite to eat.  As we sat waiting for our food and chatting with friends I managed to ignore the music playing in the background.  It was some radio station that played bland music from the 90’s and if I had paid the music any mind I probably would have lost it.  Music does so much for my mood that I could practically use it as a drug, or more aptly, medication.

So as we talked and waited my mind was kind enough to filter it out… shove it to the background.  It decided the music was less important than the people I was in the company of. Until…

Until I song came on that made my skin crawl when it came out nearly 10 years ago.  I had forgotten about it.  Blocked it from my mind.  To me this song didn’t exist.  It’s one of those songs that even though you hate it… just HATE it  It gets stuck in your head, you some how know all the words.  You can not make it go away.

I made a mild comment at the time, that if “I never hear this song again I’ll be just fine with that”.  I wanted to rage and scream “I’m melting MELTING!!!”

So you see I exhibited a great amount of self control.

Once my food arrived I scarfed it down, left quickly with a friend to procure good seats at Back Fence PDX and left Mike there to finish his dinner and meet back up with me.  Once we got where we were going there was so much going on and I didn’t have time to worry about the hated song and my desired reaction.  The place was packed full already and it was still 30 minutes til showtime.  We searched for a good seat where a bunch of us could be together, fearing our hunt would be in vain.  Luckily with my super seat sensing abilities I spotted a big smooshy couch toward the back of the room with several chairs near it and snagged the area with a friend.

When I sat down to collect my thoughts the tune to that damn song started playing in my head.  The words came next and it wasn’t until the first story teller took the mic that I was able to push it from my mind…

A few hours later I arrived home safe and sound, curled up in bed with Mike and went to sleep.  For the first time in ages I didn’t even write a post before I slept.  I was exhausted from a long week and wanted nothing more than the embrace of my man and my big comfy bed.

Fast forward a few hours, my wobbling bobbling alarm clock did it’s irritating duty and woke me up from a warm and blissful slumber.  I opened my eyes, stretched my limbs, said good morning to my people and that’s when it started.

“Every morning there’s a halo hangin from the corner of my girlfriend’s four post bed”

It plays in my head over and over again.  Listening to music isn’t helping.  Singing it out loud isn’t helping.  The Tom’s diner method (where I listent to and loudly sing Suzanne Vega’s Tom’s Diner).   No luck.

I’m crawling back into bed now hoping to get some sleep so I can stop that song from repeating in my head. Maybe I’ll wake up and it will be gone… maybe I’ll play some Tom Waits while I sleep… he can force away many a musical demon.

I really hate that song.

tell me a story…

When I was little I liked nothing better than to curl up in my bed, in a chair, on my mother’s lap and hear a story.  It didn’t matter if it was read from a book, a story from my parents’ childhood or a story made up on the spot.  I loved to hear a story.

That’s something I’ve never forgotten.

When K was born we started reading stories to her immediately.  Telling her stories right away.  I think we started the story telling while she was still tucked away inside my body.

There is something about listening to a story.  Hearing the words from some one’s mouth.  I love the written word, I do, but sometimes nothing will do to inspire, incite, arouse or calm you like the a story told aloud.  Add to that power the energy of a room full of people listening intently and you have an intoxicating mix.

There’s nothing better than a good story.


Tonight Mike and I will be heading over to Back Fence PDX‘s October event where we’ll hear 7 stories all based on one theme.  Last time the space was packed and I expect no different tonight so if you want to attend you should probably check on ticket availability nowish…