whatever, you can’t read this anyway…

I am thrilled, absolutely thrilled with all the work I’ve put into the Strange Love Live site lately.  I went to WordCamPDX and soaked up information like a sponge.  I called on friends and acquaintances for info when I didn’t know how to do something difficult and technical (or even painfully simple).  I pressed through and I came out the other side with something I’m pretty darn happy with.  Nearing pride really.

This site?  it’s not bad but it has a few problems I need to work out.  I’ll probably change it soon… I want to be happy not only with the content I’m producing but the flow of the space that content is presented in.

I’m really working towards a space I can love and be proud of on both sites.  Something simple, easy to view, easy to maintain.  You know.  Easy.

And with all that work I’ve put into things this last month do you know what really, and I do mean reallllllly ticks my timer?

Half of the people that read this blog can’t even see it, or Strange Love Live.


Don’t know… but whatever the reason it has my husband sitting hunched over his computer at the table next to me checking packets and who knows what else while over in Vancouver Missburrow’s husband sits in front of his computer pinging things and tracing routes for us.

Why?  So those of you who can’t even read this blog post in the first place can look back later and see that we were trying to do something about it.

And by we?  I mean we.  Mike and Martin typing and staring with brows furrowed and me, eating ice cream and trying not to snicker when I hear the work packet. Hopefully this will all be sorted quickly, I can’t contain this burgeoning case of the giggles any longer.

xoxo- CamiKaos

and on a rather personal note: Happy Halfaversary Missburrows (who can’t even see this page to know how much I ♥ her).

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