We have a large wood table in our dining room. It seats 6 comfortably but we’ve gotten 10 people around it a time or two.

It’s home to family meals, friendly chats, art projects, pumpkin carving, other things…

Right now I sit at one end of it, my beloved dining table. Mike sits at the other. There is such space between us right now. I type silently with a tiny smile playing at my lips… it’s been a good day. He sits typing with furrowed brow intent on what he’s doing. He had a productive day.

Both of us are quiet. Both of us are occupying our own space. Both of us are happy to be here, just in the presence of each other.

But he says nothing. He looks at his computer now, not at me. How could I know we’re happy just to be in the same room together?

Because 10 minutes ago I was sitting in the other room using my computer and he leaned into the room with his tired smile and asked me to come out and join him.

There is no one I’d rather share a room with than the silent man at the other end of this table…


Mike’s out of town on business, I wrote this post before he left.

Have a safe trip baby, I love you.

9 thoughts on “communication

  1. NanaKaos says:

    Many years ago a dear friend of DK and mine told us that she had never seen two young people so content just to be together(she compared us to cows no less).
    While the other kids of our youth group were off running hither and yon DK and I just lay there on the beach and enjoyed being. Did we suffer sunburn, you bet we did, but we had so little time together that we were just happy to breath the same air.
    We still are usually content in each others company. Someth=imes not, but usually we are.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hey babe, sorry I got behind, my bloglines isn’t updating you, though it brings me here if I click on the link. Weird.

    Gorgeous post. Being silent but content together is lovely. x

  3. Hotmamamia says:

    so nicely written, you could feel the ‘love vibes’…I can’t tell you how many times DD and I sit together in a room doing our own thing…it is just being in each other’s presence that really makes it good….hope he is back soon….

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