a study in vanity…

since it’s been a very long weekend

and since I very recently got a new computer and have just recently gotten time to play with it

and since my hairdresser does a great job shaping my eyebrows

and since there has been a real shortage of CamiKaos self love around these parts lately

and since I’m tired

I present to you a study of my eyes and the surrounding area brought to you by the Photo Booth on my lovely new Mac Book:

(okay really it’s just that this was the only way I could think of to talk about my new laptop and my eyebrows in one post… see. I can combine any two topics… I really can)

6 thoughts on “a study in vanity…

  1. Coach says:

    Yes, I too want a MacBook. The camera alone makes it worth the price. My brother is always changing his avatars – but alas, I’ll let others have their eyebrows tweezed, waxed, or whatever!

  2. holly says:

    ANY two topics? okay : combine hearts and chilli sauce.no… existentialism and otomatopia.NO… the fragility of life and …hot dogs.now make a matrix of those ideas. take a random number generator, pick two and combine THOSE. this has been a lovely series of camikaos love shots. and those eyebrows are fab. they are so lovely i’m going to photoshop your eyebrows on my face. don’t think i won’t do it.

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