naughty is nice… bring on the campers

Where last we left you, the time was almost at hand for the arrival of campers, or so we thought…

In fact aside from our early arriving Giddy only one camper made it on time: Bad Mom. Really, how bad of a mom could someone that punctual be?

After that the other campers slowly made there way to camp… by the time 7:35 rolled around we had been joined by Joleine, MediaChick and Verso as well. We forgave them their lateness because of penis covered cupcakes, pound cake and a new iPhone, respectively.

We quickly sat down to dine on a delicious meal of pizza and salad provided by our friends at treasurelicious and began the consumption of cocktails. It was all smooth sailing as the campers talked, laughed and filled out mandatory paperwork… but sooner than we expected it was time to head down to the basement studio, the home of Strange Love.

I’d tell you what happened next, but it would be a lot easier if you just listened to the recording so I didn’t have to type out a transcript…

Got all that? Didn’t you love the part where I tried to count the number of sexual partners I’ve had in the last 10 years… yeah, that part was funny… but not as funny as debating which place that a certain camper had sex was MORE public… Or the thing about Freud and the clitoris…

I can see by your reaction that you may have missed a thing or two… go ahead listen again…

The podcast lasted quite some time so I’m pretty sure that Dr. Normal was happy when we marched our rather excitable naughty campers back out to the campgrounds for more booze and another round of naughty questions so they could earn some smores…

It wasn’t long though before the campers began to tire. They’d all had long days and the adrenaline wasn’t going as far to counteract the booze as one might hope so one by one they turned in until only Missburrows, Verso and I remained awake…

Slowly between conversations Verso drifted off and then it was just Missburrows and I. We both lay there beside one another on her air mattress silently for a while and then she whispered:

“Cami, are you asleep”

“No” I said “Are you?”

“I have to pee” she replied…

But I knew what she was really thinking… we’d done one hell of a job.

I think we’ll do it again.

5 thoughts on “naughty is nice… bring on the campers

  1. Lisa Milton says:

    I’m not at all surprised that Stephanie was on time. That woman is organized and always has her act together.It makes me weep for my slovenly ways.

  2. sybil law says:

    It was a grand old time for sure!I thought you were going to say Miss Burrows tried to grope you. HahaDid no one take pictures of this event?!

  3. Jo Beaufoix says:

    So far I am only as far as the ‘How many sexual partners has Cami had in the last x years” bit. It made me cough out my drink. Nice. I will listen to the rest soon. SOunds fabulous though girlies. :D

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