camp lazy or the naughty strange love episode…

I was hoping to write a recap of Camp Naughty today, but as it’s now 6 in the evening and I’m no more awake than I was this morning, I don’t see it happening. I’d hate to deny those of you who didn’t tune in a chance to listen to the Strange Love Episode that Camp Naughty produced so until I can get you a real honest to goodness post please enjoy this episode of Strange Love co-hosted by Missburrows with special guests.: MediaChick, Verso, Joleine, BadMom, Giddy.

And here’s a bonus interview with our 2 international campers (who joined us briefly via skype before Camp Naughty was in full swing). Thanks Holly & Jo

As always you can listen to the show here, download it or subscribe so that you can always be the first to know when we’ve put out a new episode…

5 thoughts on “camp lazy or the naughty strange love episode…

  1. holly says:

    that was fun! okay if i have to come in person to your next one, you guys have to come in person to the british (satellite) one. i mean, c’mon. we had campnaughty in britain without the camp counsellors!! we didn’t even get to the s’mores!!!

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