toonlet fridays…


What happens when you fence 7 naughty blogger gals in, give them a couple of tents, some sleeping bags and a few microphones? Find out on the special Camp Naughty episode of Strange Love. We’ll be broadcasting live starting at 8:30 pm this Friday July 11 with camper interviews… Join us won’t you?If you miss the live show look for a post to go up here or subscribe to Strange Love on itunes

7 thoughts on “toonlet fridays…

  1. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    I’m not sure I’ve ever ‘run rampant’ anywhere; we’ll see what you put in that cocktail tonight.Can’t wait! (But kinda scared still…):D

  2. sybil law says:

    Well, you guys can wear some cute little nighties and have a pillow fight! That should soothe Mr. K.I am pretty damn sure I can pull this off and listen in. Woohooo!

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