recycling isn’t always a good thing…

I had a great need for a white shirt or two and time really mattered.

Since I don’t drive and hopping the bus downtown would not have worked into my schedule I was left with waiting for Mr. Kaos to take me shopping one evening… let’s just say that wouldn’t be on his list of things to look forward to.

But it occurred to me last night just before I drifted off to sleep that there is a women’s clothing consignment shop a few blocks from my house. I’ve often noticed cute things in their window but for one reason or another I’ve never bothered to stop by…

Until today that is.

After picking K up from her music camp she and I took a stroll down to The Silver Lining to take a peek around. I figured it couldn’t hurt. Worst thing to come of it would be that K and I had a lovely little walk in the summer sun, found nothing and strolled back home. Best case would be that I was able to find a white polo shirt and some khakis to wear to Camp Naughty.

The store was open and welcoming. I expected it to be darker and for the clothing to be more jammed together but it wasn’t. The shop was light and airy and the clothes were in wonderful condition, wrinkle (and lint) free and displayed wonderfully. I quickly found 2 white shirts to try for camp and then as I moved along into the store found a rack of khaki pants. I picked up a pair of capri’s and a pair of long pants and moved along. Excellent. Goal met…

Hoping that they’d fit I moved toward the dressing room when black and white silk caught my eye. I found a lovely dress, then another, then another and then a fantastic black skirt just past knee length. I couldn’t just leave them there so I took pity on them and took them into the dressing room with me.

First I tried on the white shirts, they both worked and since they were very different and it was too hard to choose between them I took both. This camp counselor will have two shirts to choose from. I tried on the khaki pants with them (I’ve been assured by my husband that khaki pants are a must have for camp and since I never went to camp as a kid I was forced to believe him). The capri’s didn’t sit right so I decided against them, the long pants on the other hand did some lovely things for my ass so I decided that I would be wearing them to camp. Next it was the dresses…

Let’s just say I didn’t buy any of them and move on shall we?

But the skirt? Oh the skirt… don’t be surprised if every time you see me this summer you see me in that skirt. It was made FOR ME. It is wonderful and perfect and I love it. That skirt and I? We will be very happy together.

I was feeling good. K (who had been with me the entire time singing about a flower she found on the way to the store) had been patient but it was clearly time to get her back to the house so she could move on to more summery activities. I returned the clothing that didn’t work to the shop keeper and then handed her the items that I did want to buy. I was almost out of there. I was spending just over $50 on 2 shirts a skirt and a pair of pants, all lovely, all high quality, all great brands. They all fit great. I was wincing a little of course because I wasn’t planning on shopping for clothes at all but still, I was confident in my purchases… that’s when it happened.

“You saw the room of shoes in the back right?”

I stared blankly at her. Had I heard her right? There was a room in back full of shoes? Surely such a heavenly place couldn’t exist… I smiled, shook my head and indicated that I’d be right back. It was indeed a room of shoes. A small room of them, but a room none the less. I looked for the shelf that said 6 1/2 and then for the shelf that said 7.


I breathed a sigh of relief after trying on a few lovely pairs that would be a great addition to the floor of my closet. I stepped away from the shoes knowing there was nothing there in my size that I had to have and was just turning to go when I saw it…

I checked the price tag, I winced, I set it down.

I looked at the purse I was carrying. I thought of the purses I have at home. I thought about the big red leather purse I didn’t buy last week because it was too expensive.

I thought about how much this purse cost when it was new.

I picked it back up and opened it. I looked inside. I examined every inch of the $25 dollar beauty while telling K to stop trying on the strappy high heels that are so irresistible to children.

“Let’s go” I said to K, purse resting comfortably, naturally, perfectly in my hand. I set it on the counter and had a moment of doubt and then pushed it towards the shop keeper. “No shoes I needed, but I love this purse” She smiled and told me that people bring in the absolute best shoes and purses…

I was content knowing that I was shopping with a social and environmental conscience today by buying 2nd hand, buying locally and walking to the store. I was taking recycling a step further than just adding my recyclable items to the bin.

I paid and walked out smiling with my purchases and then admitted to myself the real reason I had to think twice before buying the purse…

Mr. Kaos… let’s just say he’s not as big a fan of purses as I am.

At all.

Still, I’m hoping the fact that he won’t have to spend his evening driving me around to look for shirts will help to soften the blow just a little.

12 thoughts on “recycling isn’t always a good thing…

  1. belle says:

    oh my, that shop sounds like a little piece of heaven on earth. Just one thing, did they have a section for freakishly tall women? Because if they did, make up the couch because I’m on my way … :)

  2. Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills says:

    there’s nothing better than buying a new handbag…’s the purchase that is for you, and only you. it’s indulgent and makes you feel good.even though it was 25 dollars – which, by the way, multiply by 7 and you have how much it would cost in south african rands….

  3. holly says:

    you cannot beat it when you stumble across “perfect” clothes. in honor of your purchase, i am wearing my absolute favorite top. okay, i was wearing it before i read this, but let’s just pretend my intentions were precognited. (that’s a word. read what i mean.)and nothing but nothing beats a great bag.

  4. fairytalesandmargaritas says:

    That is one fine looking purse! I’m a purse whore. I don’t like the expensive brands bc then I feel like I have to carry the same one for a long time. I think I probably buy 4-5 new purses every year.

  5. mielikki says:

    well I have a feeling Mr. K will not complain much, especially since he doesn’t have to go shopping this evening. Think of it this way. The money you spent on the purse? Could equal the amount of gas he spent driving around looking for white shirts and khaki pants….love the bag, you did good.

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh that shop sounds amazing. I love second hand shops. When I was younger I lived in them pretty much and I still get a buzz when I go in now though they’ve upped the prices a bit.The bag is tres chic babe, and the camping duds sound perfect.

  7. sybil law says:

    You had to buy the purse – why – it can go with both black AND brown outfits! As well as many, many others in between! That was an effing steal! Plus, purses last for years and years – over time that think will be like, a nickel per year. STEAL.Oh and NOW I understand how you spent so little and got so much. I almost emailed you to find out what sale I was missing and where last night!

  8. Stu says:

    First, “white polo and khakis for Camp Naughty” Sounds like Camp Office Cubicle to me.Second, you are never allowed to take Stephanie to that store. The comments section is not long enough to tell you all the reasons.I share Mr. K’s feelings on purses.-Stu

  9. Kimberly says:

    They have these really cool things in our area called Share Shacks. Where you dump your old stuff and then grab what looks good from stuff other people have dumped.No funny looks from the hubby because hey! It was free!Okay, so they’d probably still look at us funny.

  10. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    OMG you must show me that shop. Ignore my husband; he’ll forgive you because you’ve invited me to Camp Naughty.Skirts and purses and shoes, oh my.I’m kicking myself over passing up the great-ass jeans I found at Goodwill last weekend; never again! Budget be damned for a good-looking ass. And great purse.

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