early to bed…

I’m working on a very long post…

But it totally isn’t ready yet. It’s taking a lot of thought, consideration, music, a nice glass of wine… you know… I need to seduce the post. Get it in my good graces. Get it to do all the work for me and then maybe climb into bed with me…

But the post and I? We aren’t quite there yet. We’re taking our time. Getting to know each other. Making sure we’re a good fit, this post and I. I don’t want to rush into things…

So instead of finishing that post I’m going to go to bed early and get my beauty sleep so I can be my bright and snarky self at Ignite 3. There’s A lot of information I’ll have to retain. A lot of people to say hello to. And then there’s the fact that I’m going with MissBurrows so I’ll probably have to spend most of the evening trying to get her to stop touching me…

5 thoughts on “early to bed…

  1. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Maybe you should buy your post a couple of martinis? heh.I went to bed early last night, too, but only because I have a nasty throat-clogging cold (HEY! Wanna meet soon?!), not because I was doing any thoughtful writing.Have fun at Ignite. :)

  2. Kimberly says:

    I used to work at my posts like that, but my mind has gone all swiss cheesey on me and if I don’t write ’em I lose ’em. Kinda sad, really.Hope you have fun!

  3. missburrows says:

    what!! I was allowed to touch you? Why don’t you tell me this damn things in person. *sheesh* I am going to hug you next time I see you. And you are going to like it, missy, got it!

  4. holly says:

    oh please would you and the post and missburrows please get a room? :Pyes. i’m just jealous because of my exclusion from the hugging. it’s true.CHECK IT OUT : the word verification is “iwovu”.i bet i’m the only one who got a kick out of that.

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