stick it… thursday morning edition

Once again this isn’t the piece I was hoping to post…

I was out late with the fabulous Mr. Kaos, the indescribable Mr. Burrows and the heart stopping MissBurrows… We went to Ignite Portland 3, had a blast, met some wonderful people and then had Cuban food…

Good times.

So what can I say? What can I do to make up to you my sad and horrible lack of blog for today?

The First 10 people to comment get a brand new beautiful Strange Love sticker…

(if I don’t have your address you’ll have to send it to me)

***Edited to Add***

First and foremost I was completely remiss in not pointing out that the Cuban place we went to was Pambiche which the lovely Martin Kelly introduced Mr. Kaos and I to. I told our dinner companions that 16 trillion times but neglected to give him his due here on the internet… and like a good friend he yelled loudly about it!

Next a big ol HELLO to all the lovelies I met last night, a big IT WAS GREAT TO SEE YOU to those of you I’d met before and a NEXT TIME, I HOPE to those of you who I missed.

And Jo Beaufoix, even though you’re half a world away, you were with us last night in spirit when Craig from toonlet mentioned that you’d made a kid that looked like CamiKaos

I had such a great time at #ip3 that I could barely contain myself. Thanks to all the great people who worked so hard to bring it to us…

And now I’m considering a nap. xoxo

19 thoughts on “stick it… thursday morning edition

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh stickers. And it’s so cool that you all get on so well ad can party. Fabulous dwahling. No seriously, I love it. The Burrows are coolness and win.

  2. Bubblewench says:

    Those were some of the best tweets I ever woke up to… that would be you & missuburrows. Though Doc Normal did have quite a few interesting ones as well!I’m #4! ME ME ME! STICKERS!

  3. Greg says:

    I love free things, especially when I can brag like this…about getting them from a contest…given by internet friends…never mind.

  4. Martin Declan Kelly says:

    Did you go to the Cuban Restaurant I introduced you guys to? If so, where is my namecheck dammit?

  5. missburrows says:

    I already have a sticker, so I don’t need to be #10. Yes, Martin, they told us 3 billion times that you had taken them to the cuban place.Heart stopping? Is that good or bad?

  6. holly says:

    OHBOBDAMNITi was at workthen i was at a school-sports-day. then i was resting my head!then i was shopping for stamps! oh all these things got in my way of a sticker!!!

  7. CamiKaos says:

    Rick: #1 I didn’t give you one? My bad. I’ll make sure to bring it to lunch 2.0Coach: #2 Coach is it. How many names do you go by? I didn’t give you one last night after the tape incident? What the hell kind of friend am I? Either dm or email me your address or let me know if you’ll be at lunch 2.0Jo: #3 A sticker for you doll. I only wish that the Koas’ and the Burrows’ could party with the Beaufoix’sBW: #4 sticker for you sweet girl.G4: #5 Hey there, DM or email me an address to send it to, and get an avatar so Missburrows head doesn’t implode ;)Martin: #6 Yes it was Pambiche, I’ve told everyone now… love love love xoxo smooches… come home soon.Daddy: #7 no. no cigars. but great food.Mie: #8 Get me that address babe, I’m mailing them out asapLilac: #9 send me your address sweetie and promise not to sticker your cat.Missburrows: NOT #10 Martins are so difficult to deal with aren’t they ;)Kimberly: #10 for all purposes. email me your new addressJulie: Just check your mail in a few days.Sybil: How can I deny you?Stu: I may not stick it on her ass but I’ll make sure she gets one.Denise: email me.Holly: You were ineligible for this contest. :p

  8. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Since I’m way behind the crowd here (but apparently will get a sticker at Camp Naughty anyway, possibly on my ass, wow!), I just want to chime in with a WE LOVE PAMBICHE, TOO! Even though it’s about 7 square feet big and you bump elbows with fellow diners, it is da bomba.

  9. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Cool, at least I was there is some way. And Miss M could be a mini you, especially if I dye her hair black. It’s brown right now. Hmmmm, maybe I will…. :D

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