a little love

When I started this blog in November of 2006 I had one reason for its creation. I needed to write again. I needed an outlet. I had to have a place to pour out all this mental and emotional debris. Writing was my first creative love and I missed it.

The joy Mr. Kaos and K had given me over the years had numbed my need to create, to express myself through words. Eventually though any numbing agent will wear off. I found myself anxious. irritated. unfulfilled.

It was then that Mr. Kaos suggested I start a blog. That I write just a little something, that I find some way to express myself without crying, yelling or sulking.

He had no idea what path he was setting me on.

So as I said, I started this blog looking for one thing and one thing only, a place to write. I didn’t anticipate all the other things that would come with it. I didn’t realize at first that I would find a way to use my love of digital art to make the vainest most self loving headers possible. Or that I would find myself reaching out to other bloggers, making acquaintances, sucking my friends and family into the wonderful world of blogging, or as it turns out, making friends. Real friends. Fast friends.

People I can count on to make me laugh or cry (or send me Sci-fi merchandise that might be a little harder to pick up in my neck of the woods)…

Thank you blogging for giving me that.

11 thoughts on “a little love

  1. holly says:

    none of this is in the blogger faqs. i’ve checked. some might say that *blogger* is a tardis of *love*. . . but they would just be crazy. …and perhaps a little geeky…

  2. Kimberly says:

    I started blogging for 100% exactly the same reasons. And had many of the same lovely surprises (tardis of love, Holly? Hee hee…love that!).So glad Mr. Kaos sent you our way.

  3. stephanie (bad mom) says:

    Yes, she said yes.Expressing without crying, yelling or sulking – you mean I’m not supposed to be doing those things now that I have a blog? Huh. Don’t tell Stu…[Glad we found you!]

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