gothic reruns…

I may have mentioned in the past my love affair with hulu

My latest hulu hangup?

I like to take my laptop in the kitchen and watch it while I clean.

I like to take it in the kitchen and watch it while I cook.

I like to take it in the dining room and watch it while I fold laundry too.

What have I been watching? American Gothic. How on earth did I not know that this crazy, dark, whacked out show existed? It’s right up my crazy, dark, whacked out alley.

Can’t say more… gotta watch my stories…


While you’re here why don’t you swing by the Strange Love page… You can find out who the next victim… erm… guest is going to be. And once you know who the next guest is you can leave questions for them (if you have one) or listen to back episodes of Strange Love…

11 thoughts on “gothic reruns…

  1. Lilacspecs says:

    I’ve heard of that show, I’ll check it out when I get back from my exam in a few hours. I’ll be all depressed and nervous about the pending results so maybe it’ll be a fitting combination.

  2. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Is that the show where there was a little boy called Caleb in it?I remember it vaguely. I saw a little, it was good, but I missed the rest.My friends little boy is Caleb. He is a dude.Looking forward to some Gunfighter.

  3. missburrows says:

    See now, I’ve not watched Hulu yet because it seems a bit constricting to have to do the hulu dance the whole time.Have I misunderstood somehow? :P

  4. holly says:

    *goes to hulu, forgetting about the nasty message it leaves if you don’t live in america*okay it’s not nasty. i choose to interpret it that way. i’m going to cry softly now.

  5. Lisa Milton says:

    This is right up my alley. I didn’t know I could catch it a hulu.Oh sweet gothic time suckage.(I put up a link for the glove puppies on yesterday’s post.)

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