day in the sun

I would have written a good post for today except that…

well Mr. Kaos had other plans.

You see we took K and her class on a field trip… and when that field trip was over and the kids were back in class he lured me downtown with the premise of buying K a book on space for her birthday…

He wasn’t honest though. He totally had other plans. It was 11:30 he pointed out… and he was hungry so after parking the car he had the nerve to make me walk around downtown holding his hand while we looked for a place I wanted to eat.

Can you believe the nerve?

And once we chose the place… he turned off his damn phone and only paid attention to me.


Once lunch was done I had to walk around holding his hand until we reached our destination… the Big Local Bookstore my brother works for… though he wasn’t at work. We browsed for a while until we found what we needed and then we headed out into the sun.

Let me restate that… the sunshine. In Portland. On a rainy day.

We walked toward the car only to realize that Ben and Jerry’s blocked our way… what else could we do? The man took me out for some ice cream.

By then though it was time to return to the everyday. He had an appointment. I had to pick up K from school.

I brought her home and my mom volunteered to take her up to watch a movie…

so what did I do?

Well it was the perfect day… so of course I took a nap.

good times can come on surprising days.

15 thoughts on “day in the sun

  1. Lindy says:

    what a bastard! Making you publicly display your affection AAAAAND buying you ice cream. I don’t know how you do it, really. You must be a saint putting up with that man.

  2. stu says:

    Sounds like that man doesn’t know how to treat you well, with the touching, focused attention, and ice cream. Just sad. We know this is made up because the part about the sunshine in Bridge Town….(sounds like a great day)-Stu

  3. loveyh says:

    Cami–I envy you from the top of my heart! I tried to get Mr. Engineer into that ginormous bookstore last week before PF Chang’s…and he said no. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! :)

  4. holly says:

    OH!!! the HORRORS! you tortured tortured soul! someone should really rescue from that horrible, wait, that was a different blog post. *this* one was a completely lovely dream. in fact i read it, stared out the window and pretended it was me for a minute. well, me with my own man. who looks like my current man, except different, with ice-cream-buying and hand-holding. sigh. lovely. i’m glad to see he’s treating you as he ought. like i *expect* him to. :)the word verification is orutagbo. that sounds like it ought to *be* something, doesn’t it? like “yesterday, i was playing orutagbo and i hurt my thumb.”

  5. Lisa Milton says:

    I’m still trying to recall the sunshine. What sunshine? I thought it rained all day.(Back to my broth and bed. Tell me when it’s over.)What a perfect day. Glad you were treated.

  6. Gary says:

    Thanks for sharing this day with me and reminding me to take care of the mommy in my life. Two days ago as we walked through the airport in Chicago, I reached down and took her hand. A few minutes later, she looked at me with adoration in her eyes and told me how much she appreciated that touch.

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