following the followers…


I do this thing where I resist something new and resist and resist and resist… and then eventually I get worn down and decide…


This happened with Facebook… though I went willingly on to the Myspace

Well yesterday I finally crossed over to the short attention span theater of the social networking world…


I am now on Twitter

That isn’t really the surprising part though. You know what is? That Mr. Kaos (or Dr. Normal for these purposes) was on there FIRST.

Well not FIRST…. not like, before the rest of the known universe or anything… but before me.

First… not FIRST. Understand? Yes? No? Whatever.

The point is that I am on twitter and I think I may be twitteryly impaired because I am having a hard time finding people I know. I don’t know where they are and I don’t want to give twitter full open how do you do access to my gmail password because I am a paranoid little nut…

So how do I find you, oh my lovely people? I have a few of you… cause you are the ones that sent me invites… maybe.

How do I find others of my big blog world…

Will you come to me?

It would be a lovely birthday present…


In other news… PENIS.

Have your attention? We haven’t chosen the name yet. We’ve got it narrowed down to just a few names though. I have my favorites, he has his favorites and lets just say that the two favorite lists… they don’t overlap AT ALL. We have very different thoughts about what a penis name should be…

So we are hashing it out. Getting down the the nitty gritty. Tooth and nail here people…. but there will be a winner soon… and the penis, it shall have a glorious name in the end…

19 thoughts on “following the followers…

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee, so funny. And what is twitter? Does it take up much time? i am soooo behnd with so much I don’t know if I can do it. Hmmm, I will see.Maybe you should try all the names out and see what the penis prefers.You know, like they do with Sandy in Annie.If it comes to you, then you get to name it.There.Problem solved.

  2. holly says:

    besides your love and adoration, what do i get? not that your love and adoration aren’t enough, i just don’t know what i’m getting into. oh crap here i’ll just go look it up. seriously i’m supposed to be going to a pub quiz! now i gotta look crap up?! oy. yeah, yeah, yeah. it’s the same with lost “oh, we’ll tell you what happens in the *next* episode!” year, right. next thing, they’re changing it. oh my god. you’re not naming his penis! you’re going to name his clavical, aren’t you? we’re going to be calling his clavical something like ‘the amazing something or other’. and then we’ll find that there are magic numbers located right *under* his clavical that are the winning lottery numbers. okay. i’ll stop.

  3. sybil law says:

    Go Devo or Wang Chung!HahahahaAnyway, I looked into Twitter a while ago, for the same reason, but never signed up.My life is being overrun with computer crap!

  4. dan says:

    I think twitter would be a step too far for me.And I can’t believe you haven’t anounced that I’m the winner of the name that penis contest.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    dan: if only it were just up to me….sybil: you looked into it because my husband was on? Damn girl… we’re closer than I thought… holly: I don’t know what to say… maybe I should just save it for our little talk….kim: You know I think you’re super cool… I still don’t quite know what twitter is and I’m on it.Jo: I think you’re right… I’m going to try it and see… but I won’t let him hear…lisa: yeah.. I said that for months… there are brains all over my walls now.tim: Wow… when i shorten it… you wind up being “tim” I don’t know what I think of that… and I totally can’t remember what I was gonna say…. shit.

  6. mielikki says:

    nope. Sorry. Can’t go twitter. If I was still off work I’d be all over it. But, I can barely process a coherant thought at the moment. So no twitter for me. On other, non related issues. (though we are related!) happy upcoming birthday. Your present will be late. Because I don’t have what I want for you, yet…

  7. Bubblewench says:

    i’m on twitter too. I can’t figure out how to work it, but I’m on it. birthday birthday birthdaytomorrow tomorrow tomorrow

  8. Deb says:

    I gave up on twitter but I bet I’ll take it back someday.You could take your post and weave the two topics together by naming his penis “Twitter.” You can tell him when you are following, and when you are not. Perhaps “Twitter” is a slight diminutivizing. Dykes should not try to name penii. If I were to name a penis I would call it “Dildo.” So I retract the “Twitter”. Whoops, there I go again.

  9. stephanie says:

    I tried to Twitter for about two weeks and failed miserably. And failing at saying what you’re doing every once in awhile seems awfully pathetic; I couldn’t take it.By the way, HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Enjoy the weekend; sorry about the clock nonsense…

  10. Jo Beaufoix says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY GORGEOUS CAMII shouted it so you would hear it all the way from over here.Mwah, mwah, mwah.Hope you are having lots of fabulousness my sweet.

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