the penis who would be named…

Did you think I had forgotten?

that I was avoiding it?

that I was banking on the fact that you all have short attention spans?


I just hadn’t gotten back around to it…

and by “it” I totally mean the contest to name my husband’s penis

But what’s the rush to judgment? It’s gone 44 years without a name… a few more days won’t hurt right?

I think we should take things nice and slow. Easy.

So today I present to you the list of names submitted…


Mr. Winkie

Russell – The one-eyed love muscle.

The Spunky Spelunkerer


the pickle

Bob the Builder

The Little Penis that Could

Curious George

Bag of tricks

the Goods

Blow torch


King Kamehameha

Mr. Schnüffler




the chubb

The Kaos-en-ator!

Tiki dikki

Alvin and the Chipmonks

Bob the knob



twig and berries

Pumping pole of penile power

Thrill Drill

Harry and the Hendersons

Purple pillar of pulsating power

Thor the Muff Marauder

The Taco Torpedo

Alby the albino cave dweller

The Zipper Ripper

DK (Dick King)


Vladimir the Impaler

the pleasure wand 2000

the stick OF LOVE


pokey mcpokesalot


Mr. Jingles

Mr. Happy


I think that about summed them up…

Who would ever think sooo many names would be submitted to name Mr. Kaos’ man parts…

later on I’ll tell you our favorites…. and the winner!!!!

(did I miss yours? did I accidentally skip it and leave yours out? Did you forget to submit? Don’t be shy… just shout it out… okay you don’t have to shout…. just tell me. nicely… it’s almost my birthday after all)


Just a note completely unrelated to my man’s penis…


13 thoughts on “the penis who would be named…

  1. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee. I’m still loving pokey mcpokesalot, and Harry and the Hendersons is funny.Happy Birthday Miss Burrows.

  2. holly says:

    this is the largest collection of penis names since they announced the presidential candidates.YES! NAILED IT. PEACE, OUT, I’M AWAY TO BED. although i think jo beat me. to bed. we’re not sleeping together. we just are in the same country. i’ll go now.

  3. The Immoral Matriarch says:

    Awww that’s a shitty thing to do – get me all excited that it’s going to get a name and leave me hanging. Geez.*crosses fingers for Russell – The one-eyed love muscle*

  4. Boobah's Mom says:

    I think Edmund would be quite befitting. For no obvious reason.I just think it would sound real royal to say ” Mrs. Kaos, Edmund is summoning you…” or somethng like that.

  5. sybil law says:

    What happened to the other comment I left here, last night?!Fucking blogger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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