hear my demands…

As some of you may be aware I spent the last week nursing my husband and child back to health. Today Mr. Kaos is feeling well enough to run around the house cleaning and obsessing.

K is bemoaning the fact that she can’t ride her bike and making clever messy foam sculptures in the bathroom sink…

I, all the while, didn’t feel great. I was tired and achy with a mild cough so I wanted to rest so that I wouldn’t get as sick as they were… I figured I could beat this thing that had so heavily inflicted them with a combination of vitamin C, water and rest… and whining.

This morning I woke up and what a lovely surprise, K’s fever was gone. Her ever present cough was still there but it was lessoning. Mr. Kaos was obviously feeling better too.

HOORAY thought I.

I cut and toasted bagels for the small motley crew assembled in the dining room… there’s a change, not one sick person eating in my bed!

I started feeling tired as I put the bagels in the oven (WHAT… that’s right… in the oven. We don’t even own a toaster… that’s what the broiler is for). I got out the cream cheese and took my blood pressure medication. K was hungry right then so I handed her some yogurt.

And she ate it. All of it. Without complaint… things were going well. Really well.

But still, as I pulled the bagels out of the oven I was freezing. I asked Mr. Kaos to check the thermostat… it was still set high to deal with the sickies that had been going on throughout the week.


I sat down to enjoy my lovely cherry coke and bagel (it’s my one serious indulgence so hush). I was cold. My stomach lurched and the room began to spin a bit…

I told Mr. I wasn’t feeling at all well and I left the room to climb into bed. There in my bedside table was the ear thermometer that we’ve had since K was born. I popped that bad boy into my ear and listened for the telltale beep that signifies it has scanned your brain and mapped it while checking your body temperature. I pulled it around to take a peek at my totally normal temperature.

Only in place of my normal 97.something… was 100.3


As I write this my body is dissolving Tylenol and under three blankets in yoga pants and a hoodie. I am freezing. I am sore. My coughing has gotten worse.

Why is it then that I sit here and type out this post?

Because this is the first time in days no one has been making demands of me. Mr. Kaos is quietly in the other room, K is curled up next to me resting and watching junk TV… I have a desperate hope that she will be well enough to go to school tomorrow… fever is gone but that cough when she runs around… bad news.

What was I saying? Oh, this is the first time in days I’ve had more than ten minutes with my precious laptop.

I’ve been reading and sometimes commenting on your posts from my phone… because it was all I had time for… so I am going to use my computer for a while. I am going to sit here and type on it… and then when I’m done if I’m not sleeping I’m going to take advantage of another amenity that has been installed here in my bedroom.

You see Friday night Mr. Kaos moved the Wii up from the cold cold basement to the warm cozy bedroom…

I’m gonna Wii my brains out.

now for my demands.

Mr. Kaos, you may clean and hover all you want but don’t ask me any questions.

K, stop whining and suck it up. Mama is sick. She doesn’t want to watch that. She doesn’t want to hear that. But apparently when sick she talks about herself in the third person, accept that and don’t ask why.

I will get over this in one day. HEAR ME? One day. Tomorrow morning when I wake up I will be healthy.

And you guys… you guys will forgive all this whining… because you have to. Because I am too sick to have you hate me.

Maybe I will play my Wii later… I just took my temperature again… it’s up to 100.4 and I’m getting tired.


24 thoughts on “hear my demands…

  1. holly says:

    sleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep!!!for the love of god, sleeeeeeep!!!and whining is a littler-known chinese health remedy. i think they call it something ending with ‘ki’. whineki. yeah that’s it. or moanki. yeah, that sounds more chinese than whineki. whatever it’s called, do it, and get better. that is *my* demand. :)

  2. Bubblewench says:

    What Holly said!!And I hope no post today because you are SLEEPING still!!But that bedroom Wii.. you’ll never admit to being well again and if you ever get out of bed, I’ll be surprised. Love ya.. hope you feel better soon. Hugs. Healthy hugs!!

  3. Lilacspecs says:

    Shame on you for still being conscious woman! I know you read Avery and you’ve seen what the Wii does to sick people. No Wii for you!

  4. Daryl E says:

    Oh being ill sucks. I know this is not what you want to hear but next time either K or MrK are even remotely seeming ill .. go get Airborne and start taking it .. I swear it works .. I swear .. now feel better soon ..

  5. CamiKaos says:

    UPDATE: Fever continues. Suck ass.In addition, K’s fever is back. Suck ass take 2After a lovely conversation with the Super awesome nurse at her very super awesome doc’s office I learned that the particular flu we’re dealing with is keeping people out of commission for 7-10 days.That’s a long time.So we’re watching movies and sleeping and playing only the wii games that don’t involve standing or jumping or anything… so Sims.Oh and we’re really looking forward to chinese take out for dinner. All of you though, should be looking forward to Mr. Kaos making a guest post…

  6. missburrows says:

    Ah, the irony of holly telling you to sleep. Let’s just sit with that for a moment.Ok, moving on. May your bed be warm and your facial tissues soft. Get better soon!

  7. CamiKaos says:

    missb: We buy our tissues at costco and they are the SOFTEST kleenex in the WORLD.and yes, dripping with irony. thank goodness I can wipe it off with the tissues. Now I must sleep.Syb: When I am done with this fricking flu… we’ll talk about a change.

  8. stu says:

    Cami,Hope you feel better. I am working at home now with The Girl who has a fever and tossed cookies several times yesterday.I am just waiting for my turn. I am the only one in the family who has not been striken yet.-Stu

  9. Groovy Mom says:

    Oh you’ve been stricken! So sorry to hear that. Enjoy Wii-ing, if you can, although a sick Wii is sometimes hard to fully enjoy. Feel better soon!

  10. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Cami, you passed your lurgy to Miss E over the internet. She has a temperature of 40.3 which is 104.5, so snap.Hope you feel better babe.And guest posts from Mr Kaos will be dandy, as long as he is well enough. Hugs.

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