from the mouths of babes…

or maybe from the mouths, noses, hands and eyes of babes…

Do all of you know what kindergarten really is? It’s some kind of test lab for breeding colds, flus and other assorted cruds. Since K started full day kindergarten in January she has been sick, I think, 4 times. Most of those were little one day home things where she needed the rest and I didn’t want her snot faucet to run on the other children… once she missed 3 days of school with a high fever. For craps sake she missed school Friday because her nose was so runny she had a stomach ache.

No, I’m not joking.

But those germs… they don’t just effect her… Even though we wash hands constantly, clean faces, all bathe and disinfect things Mr. Kaos and I have each been sick 3 or 4 times. Including now.

Why! Why did no one warn us that kindergarten was somehow a more effective breeding ground for germs than even preschool?

Why! Why do we keep catching these creepy cruds time and time again?


But I am not posting this to whine and complain. I am posting it as a warning to any of you parents that have not yet undergone the rigors of kindergarten…

You still have time.

It’s not too late.

Buy your kid a plastic bubble.

20 thoughts on “from the mouths of babes…

  1. Bubblewench says:

    Wow, I don’t even have kids and I KNOW that school is the breeding ground for serious crud issues. One guy I work with, kids in grade school. He’ll tell us one of the kids is sick, then all the sudden the next one is too, then it’s him, then it’s all of us. We always blame him and his crud ridden school children!!!

  2. lilacspecs says:

    I worked in daycare for almost 3 years and the first three months it was like I had the plague. I’d give it till the end of March and you’ll all be immune to everything.

  3. KiKi says:

    Furthermore, kids always seem to catch a superbug. You know, the kind that knocks mommies and daddies off their feet for a long long time, and it takes eons to recover.

  4. denise says:

    I hate to say it, I know it’s hard to do but don’t over sanitize. Over sanitizing can keep your body from building up your own immunities from the crud. Hence the catching and the re-catching.

  5. missburrows says:

    Apparently, exercise can build up your defenses. Have you heard of Fit Friends? You should totally join!Oh, right….

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Oh hon we have been through this. And when I worked in schools I would get ill and spotty every time I returned after the holidays.Kids are minging. Bleurghhh.

  7. post verified by 'omhraj' says:

    Not to make you dread the coming years, but I am home right now with my feverish 4th grader. (obviously using my time wisely)-Stu

  8. sybil law says:

    I hear ya.Things haven’t been too too bad here, but the strep and scarlet fever sure were a huge pain in the ass! But hey – we have NOT caught the crazy ass flu virus, for which we do NOT get shots for, so that’s good, huh?I think it’s funny that most of my friends who got themselves and their kids flu shots have all ended up with the flu.Also, I agree with the don’t go nuts desanitizing stuff. Although I know you don’t. :)

  9. Maria says:

    We don’t do flu shots and I don’t over sanitize. But J. does. That man pours bleach on every surface every day. He’s a bit OCD. :)

  10. Lori says:

    This is why I take my kids to Chuck E Cheese often, when they’re little. We get it over with so they don’t have to miss school. I’m joking, kind of.

  11. Lisa Milton says:

    I think kindergarten is the worst. Stu is just trying to scare you. Bad Stu. (Some little kid coughed directly on my lunch – after informing me that he still has a fever, but wanted to come to the party Thursday – when I came to eat with Zack. After being out all week. Freaking awesome.)

  12. CamiKaos says:

    crankmama: I’m not a big Seinfeld watcher but even I saw and enjoyed that fab: I think a bubble would cost less eventually… the therapy bills would be lower.lisa: thank you lisa… I thinkdavid: oh so tempting.lori: oh yes, the petri dish of restaurants…maria: the one time I had a flu shot I got an awful case of the fluesyb: i know you know that I know that… what?stu: I think reading my posts is an excellent use of your time ;)jo: Oh dear, I remember your sicky mcsickalot period. that sucked.missb: you are just asking to have mr. Kaos or I sneeze on you tomorrow… denise: I clean. I sanitize eating surfaces and bathrooms… but K’s teacher is a purel pusher…kiki: you are so right.lilacspecs: my birthday, K’s birthday my mom’s birthday, my super friend from the UK who is coming to visit for his birthday’s birthday and several of Mr. Kaos’ family members birthdays… they are all in march… so lets help the healthy pops up sooner ;)bw: I know… but now I KNOW.mie: I hope all those sick children feel betterHolly: no. i do lots of vitamin C. but nothing is helping now.

  13. sybil law says:

    Vitmain C is bunk!Anyway, I have tagged you, although I am pretty sure you still have yet to answer questions from eons ago. Hmm…Get well!

  14. The Holmes says:

    I remember being in elementary school and learning about the “Bubble Boy.” I felt sorry for him, but also maybe a wee bit jealous.

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