bits of kaos…

I have the next contest percolating in my mind…

it is fab people.

and much less labor intensive than writing a song.

and oh is it fab…

I may wait to tell you about it until Saturday… or Monday…

Because I want to do 2 things first;

1) get a prize for Jo… you see she told me after she won the Nice section of the Kaos Holiday Lyric Contest not to give her the gift certificate… to do something else with that money. She had suggestions but none of them had anything to do with her… Here in the house of Kaos we didn’t look too favorably upon her not getting a prize for writing a winning entry… so we put on our thinking caps and we’ve finally come up with something we find suitable, practical and fun. Okay it isn’t suitable or practical but it is very fun and something we KNOW she doesn’t have.

2) we want to buy the prize for the new contest in advance… that way the contestants know what they’re competing for and they can get all blood thirsty and savage… I like a little healthy competition…

You’re wondering what the contest is aren’t you? Yeah! I can see it in your eyes… you want to know what you have to do to win the most wonderful object in the universe…or whatever it is that I’m giving out… Hmmm… I wonder if I should buy a couple of smaller things for the runners up? What was I saying…

Oh yes, I was saying that I’m not yet ready to disclose to you the competition…. But I will tell you that it will be of a sensitive nature and that my parents and brother won’t want to be involved.

Ahhhhh… Piqued your interest now haven’t I?

Good…. then come back later.


On the Fit Friends front, I’m working my ass off (literally). I’m walking tons and using my exercise ball and my Wii sports… so if you aren’t already there… get on the fit thang.

9 thoughts on “bits of kaos…

  1. CamiKaos says:

    lilac: yes a contest! I think I will explain it on MondayDeb: I’m so glad you got good use of it. I love my silly little contests!BW: Yes. I am.Flutter: Damn I am good at the anticipation part… if only I could nail down the follow throughDan: No one else will have to get naked… but since you offered…mie: uh huh…

  2. holly says:

    i will do anything for you. yes ANYTHING. well, *most* anything. things i won’t do involve:-sharp things aimed in my direction-wild animals beginning with the letter “q”-things involving my teeth. i’m very protective of my teeth -velouralso, i won’t do anything that involves a guy named “ruprecht”.then again, i’m very suggestible, so this is not set in stone. except the velour. i hate that shit.

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