lovey stuff… or not

So it’s Valentines day…

You think I’m gonna write something all sweet and cuddly fluffy about how much I LOVE Mr. Kaos don’t you?

Or maybe blather on about the mass of hand made cards we’ve pumped out of this house in the last week.

Well you’d be wrong then wouldn’t you… I’m not gonna say lovey dovey pink puffy heart things.

(even though I am thinking those things at a couple of you… oh you sly devil ladies that I love… you know who you are)

Instead I am going to be thoroughly unpleasant but caring all at once…

I’m going to talk about people and their dogs.

Or a man and his dog…

Are you ready?

I have a neighbor with a dog. No big surprise there right? He doesn’t live on my street but because my house is on the way to his kid’s school he walks past it everyday.

He seems like a very nice man.

His dog, it is super friendly and very nice.

When it shits… in my yard… he picks it up. I truly appreciate that he picks it up. So much that I don’t care that it shits in my yard…

That is not me complaining. I’m okay with all of the above…

What I’m not okay with is that every single day his dog goes running blocks ahead and he comes running down the street chasing it. Yelling for it. Calling it in vain.

He has a leash for it.

It is always in his hand.

He saves it for when they get to the really busy streets.

As I was saying he yells for the dog to come to him.

The dog laughs at him (okay… he doesn’t… but if he could he totally would) and runs further still.

This happens every day…. well that, or the man wanders around the neighborhood looking for his dog worried that something has happened to him because when he let him out he ran off. And he’s missing. Because he doesn’t put him on the leash.

Unless he’s at the really busy street.

There seems, to me, to be a simple solution.


Funny… I seem to be the only one around here that realizes that it isn’t just a good suggestion… it’s the law.

that’s all…

…oh fine… Okay. I’ll say it.

Happy Valentines day

but I’m not buying you any flowers.

12 thoughts on “lovey stuff… or not

  1. mielikki says:

    that makes me craaaazy, the dog issue. And I dont want flowers, unless they are alive. Chocolate will do! hee heeHappy Valentines day to you and yours

  2. holly says:

    i AM shocked that he picks up the poop but doesn’t get the whole leash thing. usually the doesn’t-get-leash is coupled with doesn’t-pick-up-poop. i am going to take drastic measures regarding my front door. some dude lets his dog poop RIGHT outside my GATE! which is STEPS from my house! oooooooooooooooooh! (<—just like my nanna used to say it)next time the thrower steps in it before i can grab him, i’m going to walk him down to that dude’s house and have him trample the daisies!!!wait. that will teach him nothing. crap.

  3. holly says:

    i forgot to say kissie kissie! big squishy kisses! with romantic music playing. at some point i do a little dance for you. that kind of thing. but oh i ALSO forgot – do you guys have valentine’s day cards for pets there? how wrong is that? i mean yes i love my pet (well if i had a pet i’d love him/her) but i don’t **love** my pet (that i don’t have)!!!! yikes!!!yes, i have realized i just did a seductive dance for you but won’t kiss my dog.

  4. denise says:

    someone needs to watch Cesar Milan. Maybe you should put up a sign for him, something tasteful like “Dog Whisperer” On the BRAVO network. Thanks for the pop in by the way.

  5. n says:

    Remember when I used to walk Gracie and Sally,( Rotweiller and a Golden retreiver)? I carried poop bags. The neighbors all thought I looked funny running/walking down the street. But you know what? They all knew I scooped up after my dogs and they knew that they would be fenced-in or on a leash. Show some responsability people, we are talking about a life, if you love “um leash “um. Happy Heart Day Ya’ll! NanaKaos

  6. Jo Beaufoix says:

    Hee hee. The dog is really truly laughing. But it could get run over so the man is definitely a little bit dim. Nice, but dim.And I’m sending big squishy kisses with really loud slurpy noises like they do on the telly. So there. X

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