two timer…

The other night after my long day of… whatever it is I do on Sundays… I was sitting back and relaxing the way I often do after a long day of being me…

I was laying in the bed with my laptop atop my lap. My headphones were on, my eyes were glued to the screen er… um screens… when Mr. Kaos came in the room.

You see while I had my laptop atop my lap (I just love saying that laptop atop my lap… you say it now) and I was intently watching and listening to what was coming from hulu, I had my left hand on my remote control deftly setting the TiVo to record another episode of the show I was watching on my computer…

and like I said, that’s when the mister walked in.

I never considered that using two entertainment technology services simultaneously was tantamount to cheating on both of them…

I’ve been corrected.

16 thoughts on “two timer…

  1. Troy says:

    Now if you had been texting someone on your PDA, then the cyber-tech world would have imploded upon you. That’s pretty ugly, from what I hear. Thank heavens Mr. Kaos intervened.

  2. Lilacspecs says:

    Before I moved in with CB I lived in a one room apartment with the tv next to the computer. It was not uncommon for me to have a show on the tv (muted), music playing on winamp, and an MMORPG up on the screen…while I surfed and read forums.Blogging has actually streamlined my computer activities quite a bit.

  3. holly says:

    i like to watch a dvd on one laptop, rip a cd onto the other laptop, listen to my ipod and edit photos in a small window on my main laptop. that’s when the pda is in charge of emails. there’s a tv and a cd player downstairs. i’m not sure how to use them anymore.but the manuals for them aren’t digitally stored, so who knows where they are.

  4. Lisa Milton says:

    When Greg has a game on AND hogs the laptop, I remind him that he cannot have all the media. And I steal the laptop.I’m possessive that way.

  5. CamiKaos says:

    bw: ummm.. yeah I am. And Mr. Kaos, he is a techwhore enabler.lisa: Mike and I can not share a computer… I have to have my own. He is better about it than I am though.Holly: Your manuals aren’t digitally stored??? There must exist somewhere an adobe pdf version… we will find them together if need be.lilacspecs: Before I met Mr. Kaos I worked in an internet cafe. I practically had my brain plugged into the computers there while I played the stereo possibly a little too loud for any of the actual patrons… I always wished I had a tv there that I could mute while I watches the news as I talked on the phone…Troy: Funny, Mr. Kaos, after reprimanding me for hurting my tech services, asked why I wasn’t reading my email on my iphone.

  6. mielikki says:

    lol. I wonder, what it’s going to be like when K is our age? With you and the mister for parents, she is likely to have every techie thing availiable…

  7. sybil law says: like the buttons. Lots of things to click on.I suffer from the same.That’s why you are my enabler. In so, so many ways…

  8. angel says:

    mwaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahaaaaaaaa…i always thought it was multi-tasking, i do it all the time and i was rather proud of myself!!!

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